Hoodlum and Suki are ready to ring in the New Year of 2017.  Not sure what they have planned for the big night but I have no doubt it will be off the hook.  We will likely awake January 1st with random balls strewn about the house and cookies left on the table.  We might even have an odd houseguest we weren’t planning on.  Those two are quite the partiers when you aren’t watching closely.

There always seem to be a whirlwind of activity from November to January and I think I am starting to understand why people take vacation from Christmas to New Years without necessarily planning a vacation.  If you have been paying any attention to social media apparently 2016 was an evil evil year and folks just cannot wait until 2017 arrives.  I have no doubts that 2016 had its challenges for some but I am just not prepared to hate 2016 like so many I have observed.  And I have a theory.  Each year there are those that hate on the year that has just passed.  No matter that it was no worse than the prior and they are looking for magical (truly magical with pixie dust and miracles) things to occur in the coming year.  But yet, each year is about the same.  They see it as just another year that they didn’t win the lottery and retire, or another year where they had to go to work for 40 hours per week.  Now maybe some folks had struggles.  Real struggles, like they lost their job and have not been able to secure another.  Or they lost an important person or suffered a major medical issue.  It isn’t like I cannot relate.  I have been there, well except for the major medical struggle I have been fortunate in my life so far to not have any of those. But our lives are how we view them and complaining is a habit.

There have been some years that were trying, some years with great loss, and some years that it just seemed that Murphy was hiding around each and every corner, yet …. when we look back on these years we saw the good things and not just the tragedies.  I guess maybe I am just wired that way.  I try not to wish my life away (I cannot wait for Friday!) because for this year that would mean 106 days were enjoyed while we wished away the other 260.  Please don’t misunderstand me, there are days (sometimes certain weeks) that just need to burn.  But they are not our whole.  They are yet just a spot on this thing we call time.  And even through our tragedies we gain something.

I do not do resolutions per se but I try to take stock in my life a little bit more each year.  2016 has taught me some things, and some things I would prefer to remain ignorant about.  I am resolved that 2017 holds less bullshit.  I plan on embracing this new year (likely how I embraced 2016) but, I am a little wiser and am willing to step around the BS, actually turn back and avoid that street completely, and I bet at the end of this next year I will pause and look back and find that 2017 all in all wasn’t too bad.  I am hopeful for no tragedies, health or financial issues, but if life has taught me anything, if my mom taught me anything, it was expect the best but prepare for the worst.  Things are likely to arise that I would rather not deal with but then again there is always something good hidden in those bad times.  2017

As I look around at the tail end of this thing we call 2016, I will give it a smile and a wave and ponder on all the good things that came from it.  The bad is just random poop picked up on a trail and should own no more of your thoughts than the effort to scrape it off as you go looking for that beautiful moment in your day. I am figuratively wearing a ridiculously decorated top hat and raising a glass of champagne to 2016 as she has added her lessons and her smiles to what has cumulatively made me ME as I go forward into 2017.  And remember friends complaining is a habit and I believe that if we watch our pawed companions we can learn a lot; they do not complain, they do not hold onto old wounds, they run full force into each new day with joy and expectations of cookies and snuggles.  Look back on 2016 fondly and raise a glass to what is headed your way.  If the figurative or literal poop comes at you on a trail, wipe your feet and keep moving forward.  Each year is precious and you do not want to spend any decade of your life wishing and hoping for something else.


2017, JeepingWithDogs

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