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This is from the fine folks at They make and sell all sorts of cool stuff for the pup.  We know, because we have some of it.  You know, stuff that is higher quality.  They also support local shelters,etc. The reason we share is that we like their writing style and easy to understand information.   So, enjoy the read.   Maybe learn a thing or two?

Enjoy the read, oh yea, and go buy some stuff if you are so inclined.


I have an active, young Weimaraner whose parents and grandparents are working, competitive hunting dogs.

While my guy is very much a beginner when it comes to field training (and so am I), I’ve learned about some of the important safety tips for training a hunting dog. Please list your own tips or tricks in the comments below. We’d also love to see a picture of your hunting dog!

5 Safety Tips for Hunting Dogs

1. Train with a mentor or club.

If you’re brand new to fieldwork, it’s so helpful to team up with a trainer, mentor or club in your area.

Your dog’s breeder might be able to put you in touch with a trainer or help you get registered with a local training club. I signed my dog up with a local chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA), which is a nonprofit with a reasonable yearly membership fee. The group has monthly training days in the field for dogs of all abilities.


2. The right gear – you and your dog should be seen!

You’ll probably want to wear some blaze orange yourself, at the very least a hat or shirt. Look into a bright collar for your dog too so he’s not mistaken for a deer or other animal.

Stealth collars for hunting dogs dogIDs has the new Stealth collars. These are practical collars perfect for hunting as they are waterproof, smell proof and come with an engraved nameplate made of black matte hardware.  dogIDs created the matte black hardware so that the hunting collar won’t shine at all when you’re hiding with your dog. The hardware is still made of 100% corrosion-proof stainless steel. The Stealth collars come in four camouflage colors: turquoise blue, pink, orange and green. Learn more here.



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