If you enjoy Jeeping (or some form of vehicular travel) off the beaten tracks and you enjoy having your dogs along for the ride…Hello!  You are our people!  For a basic run down of what we are and the reason for this page…

We are Jeff and Shana and we live in Arizona.  Our dogs as of this writing are Hoodlum, a 7 year old Heeler and Suki a 15 year old Corgi/Shelti mix.  We used to go to Glamis but after moving to Northern Arizona we decided to try our fun with the Jeeping adventure.  We work a lot so when we have time to go and play, we like to take the Jeep out and about and see what we and the dogs can sniff out.  We also have a teardrop trailer and we will find a spot in the forest or wherever our Jeep tires have taken us to call home for the night/weekend/however long we can stay away from the office.  We enjoy Jeep trails as well as parking and seeing what nature is hiding away from the road.  So as to hiking… we do some exploring on foot but we have had to turn back from hikes because well, the 15 year old can put herself in positions she shouldn’t be in with her age and her hips aren’t as young as they used to be (but don’t tell her that she doesn’t think she looks a day over 13)!



We decided we would like a place to store and share our adventures and realized it would be fun if others shared their adventures too!  So hopefully you enjoy what has been put together and mixed around.  One of the best things about sharing is that we can all learn and enjoy from our fellow travelers.

Thank you for stopping by give us a wave!