This past weekend we threw the dogs in the Jeep and headed out to meet some friends for a ride to Andersen Mill and Rube Goldberg Mine in Wickenburg.   Oftentimes I look at things and think how in the world did they get this here?  The mine is built on the side of the mountain and is great for exploring.  The dogs enjoyed sniffing and peeing and some of our party went to the top – I chose to avoid what appeared to be a haven for bees (reported as hornets up top) but the bees I saw and heard.  Nope. Interesting and as I understand it build from scrap after WWII.   Amazing the stuff that just sits around for years waiting for us to come and explore.

We ended up Jeeping to Box Canyon after that and taking in the sights.  That, though not planned as part of our day, was a highlight for me.  We took a pit stop at an area with elevated rock and apparently you can climb a rope that has been placed there.  Which is fine, I have no problem with up – it is the down that always seems to hurt so I stayed on the ground and looked up at where I COULD go.  Just next to this is what looks to be a hobbit resting area.  The trees grow in an interesting manner and it is incredibly green and feels a bit moist.  Takes you back to when you were a kid and could have hid out there all day pretending to be in another world.  On the smell scale the dogs gave this area a 10+ as they couldn’t get enough nose to the ground time.  The humans gave it 4 thumbs up too but that had nothing to do with the smells.

Back in the Jeep and we have rock face surrounding us on both side with the water running through the canyon.  Fun drive all in all and splashing water up onto the hood is always a good time.  The beauty of the rock and the bit of water (I can only imagine this area after the rainy season) was clearly a perfect place to pull over and play.  The dogs got a good run around, Hoodlum played ball and seemed to enjoy a bit of water fun.  The ground was like a nice sandy beach and Suki can always appreciate some soft ground on her paws.  As they explained it to me the water is actually running underneath us and flows up top.  We saw families camped out for the day and the kids playing in the water that was at that time about ankle deep or so.  Box Canyon is a must go see do.  I suggest packing a lunch and a ball.

Running the creek

This is completely opposite to what folks in non-desert areas expect to see. Normally, the farther upstream you go, the less water there is. But the Hassayampa is different. It’s riverbed is mostly sandy, so the water seeps underground. That’s why it’s dry where it “flows” under the bridge on East Wickenburg Way in town. But in rocky areas, such as the Box Canyon and Hassayampa River Preserve areas, the water can’t travel beneath the surface, so it comes to the ground. As you travel up the river towards Box Canyon, you’re seeing where the water seeps back into the ground. — in Wickenburg, Arizona.


Pooped. Just pooped - #JeepingWithDogs

Perfect Ball

Always time for ball. Best ball place EVER! Sand for the paws, a touch of water, shade.


After telling me where she will hide my body? Shana checking out where I will hide her body.


Glam of the Jeep. Soon to be lifted.

Jeeping with dogs

Goes in next week to RPM Fab and Don Rycroft for a little love. (The Jeep, not the dog. )

The operation

Retro cool

Good rubber

Suprised the belt is still intact!

Roundy things

Ready to chew up an arm, leg, or other appendage — in Wickenburg, Arizona.


We don't need no stinking OSHA

Whirly things

The Anderson Mill site is a unique, Rube Goldberg mill in the foothills of the Wickenburg Mountains. This mill is well-preserved and looks like the owners used any scrap metal around to build it. Actually, it looks more like a metal art junkyard sculpture than a once working mill.

The mine

The trail follows a series of old mining trails and dry river bottoms. With plenty of other mines in the area, this trip allows for plenty of exploration. The trail ends at the historic Underwood Homestead.


Shana getting her Jeep on.

Wishing well.

Shana found a well to dump my body. Deep with water. Should work just perfect.

Strike a pose

Shana staying far far away from the buzzing sounds of the bees. — with Shana

Long time gone

The Anderson Mill was run by two brothers. At the start of World War II all of the mines and mills that were not essential to the war effort were ordered closed. The mill was for obtaining muscovite mica. As part of the mining of the granite pegmatites other minerals were at times selectively hand cobbed and shipped. The mica produced was used as electrical and heat insulation as well as in joint compound and paint. The mill stopped operation in 1951.



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