I have decided to get rid of my current street bike.  Time to admit I was wrong. No shame in that, just not for me. I come from a lifetime of riding dirt bikes. Very accustomed to sitting on a lighter bike, full upright, over the tank. Figured I could adopt to a cruiser / bagger style. Nope. Just not for me. Square peg / round hole.  Not to the point of danger, but never gonna be to the point of “enjoyment.”  Had a Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe.  I know it is a great bike if it is your thing.

My love is the dirt. ATCs, Bikes and  Sand Rails in the past.  The present includes Jeep, tear drop, dog exploring the desert and the forest. Always in the dirt. Time to embrace that in my bike. I am thinking a DR650?

Trying to be philosophical about it:   Mistakes, they happen. Fortunately I have a better woman and a better dog than I deserve so my picker is not 100% broken, just mis-fired that day.

Enough about that, lets move on.

First stop as always was Apache Motorcycle Mesa.   Now, that should be simple enough right?  Nope, let me tell you a story of how not to read a customer.

First some back ground I lived in Mesa, have been to Apache Motorcycle in Mesa before.  Lots of times.  Few bikes bought their.  Always give them first shot.  Good selection, etc.  Fair place.  They all need to make money right?  Seems times they are a changing at Apache Motorcycle Mesa.  It appears they are pulling all the high fiving white guys, burn a copy, too cool for words salesmen?  By dumb luck I was assigned to Mr. James.  The guy just mis-read me from the get go.  Contacted them, got a voice mail from the sales guy, Mr. James, and it just went bad from there.

The kicker is I even gave the dealership a chance to salvage the sale.  Emailed GM and Owner both.  Like I say, long history with them, always been a fair place, and enjoy the selection.  Apparently the management did not like or understand my sense of humor?   You can decide for yourself.

Hi Apache,

I may be in the market for a new bike.  I have purchased bikes from your store in the past, purchased parts, etc.  I enjoy your selection, and always stop there first when I get the itch.  I think my first purchase there was in 2003 or 2004?  I live in Payson now, so, I don’t  stop by very frequently.  Beyond the current bike purchase, we are contemplating a (REDACTED FOR THIS POST).

I recently contacted your Mesa store via Cycle Trader.  In my message I indicated the best way to reach me was email.  In response I got a call from Jessie;  “Jessie James.”  As that was a Saturday, it went straight to voice mail.  Returned the call on Tuesday, (I think you guys are closed on Monday?) played a bit of phone tag, and spoke with Jessie on Wednesday.  His immediate question was to ask if I was ready to buy.  I reminded him that he had not answered any questions from my inquiry and without those answers I could not answer his question.   He advised he was far too busy with other sale matters that day to get me information and stated he would call me back when he had some free time.  As of today’s date, Saturday, no call back, no email, no nothing.  It appears Jessie is a very busy guy, working deals and making dreams come true?   It also appears I need to seek another dealership?

If I wanted to be hustled, I would go to Ride Now and wait to be accosted in the parking lot by the multiple twenty something salesmen who needed to ask a manager for “today’s special, once only, jump on it now, deal of forever!”  I just don’t operate that way.   I am an older guy, kind of no nonsense in my approach to life.  Either the numbers work, or they don’t.  I understand that you need to make money to keep the doors open and the numbers need to work for everybody.  Course, in this matter, I don’t have a single number.  It appears it is all out of my reach?

I know, I know, it is a brave new world.  I should concentrate on the “sales experience” maybe pop a balloon, bang a gong, heck, maybe BFF on Facebook?  I should be gracious and appreciative that Mr. Jessie James shared his busy schedule with me as I bought another depreciating asset.  Call me old fashion but one number, any number, is required in a transaction at some point.  Again, it appears it is all out of my reach.  On the bright side I can certainly afford “nothing.”

I value my time, apparently more so than “Jessie James” values my time.  I am confident that Jessie’s approach may work for many people.  I am not one of them.

Fortunately we are talking about toys here, so I won’t lose any sleep over not spending my money.  I suspect there are other dealers and or sales people who will, at a minimum, respect my time.   Just as I try to respect theirs.  Heck, they may even try to cultivate a 13 year relationship.

As a business owner myself, I just wanted to relay to you my experience.  I understand half the battle is getting qualified buyers to reach out.  I guess I just don’t pass the Jessie James litmus test?

Do with the information as you will.


So far, no word yet from Apache Motorcycle Mesa.  Yerp.  Crickets. Oh well.  Life goes on.  Like I say, brave new world.

Oh the bike?  The deal is done.  Bike sold.  Deposit taken, guy from Camp Pendleton coming this weekend to grab it.  Deal was not done with Apache Motorcycle Mesa.  Replacement of sorts made.  Not purchased from Apache Motorcycle Mesa.  Will have a post on that in a week or so.  The dude in the picture? Cal Worthington.  He is dead now, the last of his breed no doubt. Well, so I thought till I had the pleasure of Mr. Jessie James.  I remember “growing up” with him so to speak in LA, late night commercials with Love American Style reruns.  (Side note:  Between that show, with the risque skits, and my brother’s Playboys, well, my formative years could have been better influenced; I should have been slapped more in my dating years.)  Always, I mean always, that dude was on TV.  I swear he would stand on his head till his ears were turning red…..


Apache Motorcycle Mesa
Salesmen, love to hate em.


The salesman was known for crazy antics in his commercials, including standing on top of his head while on a car hood after assuring customers he would “stand on my head to make you a deal.”

He was also famous for showing off his “dog Spot,” which was, in reality, any animal other than a dog. USA Today reports that Spot was, at one point, a tiger, lion, gorilla, and even a hippo Worthington rode on top of. Worthington was among the last of the famous TV pitchmen from the 1950s through the 1980s and was instantly recognizable for his Oklahoma twang.


Apache Motorcycle Mesa – Jeeping With Dogs

Some video flashbacks?


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