Time for a Bathroom remodel?

Our house was built in 1994 and we acquired it about three years ago.  Looking back at the photos you wouldn’t necessarily know it was the same house.  The nice lady tht owned it prior to us kept the walls white and had a penchant for large pieces of furniture.  We have purple walls and tend toward more simple furniture.  Most parts of the home could be brought up to date with some paint and flooring.  The master bathroom however was in dire need of a bathroom remodel.

We talked to our contractor about the bathroom remodel and as we were not moving walls, changing positions of fixtures he anticipated four weeks.  One month for the bathroom remodel to be finished!  We started in April.  The shower was used in August.  A wee bit longer than four weeks for the completion of the bathroom remodel.  Fortunately our little Hobbit House has two bathrooms so the bathroom remodel delays weren’t horrible, they were however inconvenient.

bathroom remodel
Save some money, have fun with your spouse in the garage.

Everything started out pretty great on the bathroom remodel, we ordered fixtures, flooring, picked out colors, all the things one needs to do.  We live up in the mountains and our contractor is a friend of ours from down in the big city so some of the products and product installers we thought could be local.  Our first dive into this was the vanity countertop.  We ordered up the countertop and when it was time to receive the product he advised that in his transportation of the piece from Tucson up into our mountain area it broke.  No big deal right? Well apparently he did not have any additional cut pieces and as such we would have to buy an entire piece of granite (much larger than required) if we still wanted it.  Eh no.  A bathroom remodel is expensive and generally none of us are up for buying more than what we need or asked for.  So much for using the local granite vendor.  We then ventured off to the big city to find a countertop.  We stopped into a place that allowed you to roam around their warehouse.  Wow!  So many to choose from and I can honestly say that I am happier with what we purchased here than the one that did not work out.   Sometimes you have to trust that things happen for a reason.  I am the cheerleader for advising of patience whenever completing a bathroom remodel because rarely does everything go as planned.  We really enjoyed the knowledge of these folks, they explained why we wanted certain things but likely not others that were being considered.  The installation was great and the placement of the fixtures were changed because they were that good at outlining the whys and why nots.

Again we live in the mountains, so the land is not level and the ground moves.  Nothing you notice until you are remodeling and with the bathroom remodel we were made aware of doors, floors, walls that were not exactly how they were intended to be.  We had ordered tile for the shower and tub surround from a known tile manufacturer.  It is beige. Nothing overly exciting because sometimes simple is best.  One would not think this would be an issue except this normal known manufacturer tile was on back order.  Finally the tile was all in, and there was enough to complete the job. We started with a plan.  The man knew exactly how he wanted this.  The contractor was down with it.  The installer made an error and had to pull it all out.

This is where he pointed out a couple of areas where the door trim was not straight, and the wall did not quite match up in another area.  Oh the fun of a bathroom remodel!  The man is out of state for work and the contractor and the installer are there and they say, what about this?  Not in the plan.  I said YES!  Let’s do that!  Amazing!  We ended up taking the wall tile a little farther than anticipated.  Added with our prior ideas the bathroom I feel looks like it was always meant to look.  Again when doing a bathroom remodel, patience is needed and sometimes it comes together even better than the plan, but it takes time and generally more than anticipated.

The plan with this bathroom remodel was to have feature walls upon entering the bathroom and behind the sink area.  This is a quarry cut slate product and we ordered it from a local guy here in town.  Not only did we order it we paid for it.  In February.  We were told just to let them know and they would bring it up the hill.  It was sitting in a warehouse just waiting for us to be picked up and brought over to finish up our bathroom remodel.  As you might imagine, something went wrong.  Yep.  We tried to pick up our order twice locally.  Nope.  Not possible.  Finally our contractor advised that they would go to the big city warehouse and pick it up.  He did.  Brought it up the hill and voila!  Not all of the required pieces were there.  Of course to even start the feature walls the necessary product was not there.  It took a little bit of bitching but we were finally refunded on the pieces that we purchased that were not included in our order.  And of course another delay for the bathroom remodel.  Finally with our contractor’s help we were able to get the pieces in and the feature walls were finished.

The final piece of the puzzle was the shower door.  Three shower door was cut.  The guy that we used to do this was local and the cutting was not his deal but rather all the companies use pretty much the same company to do the cuts.  Apparently they are challenged by math?  This was the last and final delay on the bathroom remodel.  The good side to this is we got to know our shower door guy pretty well, and let me tell you, if we needed another shower door we would call this guy.  He was that great.  He does nice work and as a bonus he is a pretty great guy with some fun hunting stories to boot.

The bathroom remodel is complete.  The outcome is even better than I imagined and I am so thankful the man has good vision and incorporated with the great folks who helped this project get done we have a fairly remarkable bathroom remodel.  One of my favorite things about the bathroom remodel is our contractor put a cabinet over the toilet in the water closet.  It is larger than I anticipated and perfect for storing all of those many things no one wants to see out of the way while also providing storage for things like cleaning supplies.   The bathtub the man picked out for me is ridiculously perfect and I can soak or bubble tub with a heated backrest which is nice and I never even knew was an option.  The feature walls look amazing and really add a warmth and interest to the room.  The wall tile is perfect.  The flooring and baseboard is perfect.  The sinks?  Perfect.  I really couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome. The actual bathroom remodel all started with my finding it weird that we didn’t have a closet door and the man figured out how we could incorporate a sliding barn door.  Just be warned that a small offhand comment can lead to an idea that blossoms into a four month bathroom remodel.  Patience is required for enjoyment of any project but most especially in a bathroom remodel.

Next we plan to take on the kitchen.  I anticipate even more frustration as we only have one of those and as we have learned plans never go perfectly and patience will be required in order to keep peace through any remodeling project.

Bathroom remodel

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