One of the goals for the Jeep was that it be capable. Very.  Now, I am not talking climb vertical rock faces, impress the neighbors, or look cool at the mall.  I am speaking of take it out, where it can go, bring it home in one piece.  I have loaded plenty of cars onto trailers in the desert days.  That kind of sucks.  Somewhere their is information on this site about the skid plates.  What else?  Well, seems to be diff covers are an essential.  We opted for Bombshell Diff Covers.

Part of me is just vain enough that I wanted something a bit more “fancy” and unique.  Lots of folks run these.  Should do the job just fine.

Poison Spyder Bombshell™ Diff Covers are designed to protect your gears, lockers and diff cover bolts from the most punishing rocks and trail hazards. Available for Dana 30, Dana 44 and Dana 60, the Bombshell™ is cast from high ductile iron, then the sealing surface is machined flat for a perfect seal. The design of the Bombshell™ incorporates recesses to protect the diff cover bolt heads from trail damage, while the profile of the Bombshell™ acts as a ramp to help slide your Jeep up and over the most troublesome pumpkin-eaters. They are shipped either bare so that you may powder coat or paint to suit your own preference, or powder coated semi-gloss black. Each Bombshell™ comes in a complete kit with Grade 8 hardware, flush-mount fill plug and silicon sealant.

So where to buy? Poison Spyder Bombshell Diff Covers

Now for the fancy.  Folks get all weired out with them.  I ordered up some simple black powder coat ones, then got to work.  It was kind of fun painting them.  The powder coat is a great base / primer.  Mine ended up being almost subdued vs what some guys do.



Heavy product
Stock / non painted Bombshell Diff Covers








That was fun
Painted diff covers







Sad doggy
The dog was none too impressed at the end of the day











Now, do they work?  Yes.  Shortly after we pout them on we found a rocky creek bed and made it out alive.  Glad we have them.



Others (Just so you can see options.)

Do a google search
Wow! Lots of options


Green Diff covers! Are those 37’s?




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