Sable’s Freedom Ride – JWD: Guest Post

Guest post
Sable the German Shepherd was rescued in a Jeep. It was the first car ride she had ever taken in her life. She had been permanently chained to a tree in Detroit for the majority of her life and everyday my dad, a plumber, would see her and sneak in the yard to feed her. One day my dad knocked on the door and said "I'll give you $100 if you let me take that dog you have chained up." The woman took the money and Sable was a free girl. The first thing we did when we got Sable off that chain w...

Free Stickers! All you have to do is ask.

Free Stickers
STICKERS!!!!!  Free Stickers at that.  So we have said it before, Jeeping With Dogs is all about fun for us.  We have day jobs.  We don’t sell anything.  We enjoy heading out on adventures with the dogs and chronicling our fun.  There are times when we have more adventures than others…you know pesky work gets in the way.  We decided to give away free stickers.  Why?  Because.  No other reason. Maybe a sense of community?  Me personally I will be like, oh you want to give ...

Shelter or Pet Store? Where Should You Find Your Next Pet

When you decide to expand your family by getting a new furry friend, you have to make a choice between buying a dog or adopting one from a shelter. But what decision is right for your family?  Pet Store Pups When buying a dog from a pet store you need to know that most of these pups come from puppy mills. Puppy mills owners are not loving, nurturing breeders. They run high volume puppy manufacturing with only one goal in mind, to earn highest possible income with very little expense. ...

5 Safety Tips for Hunting Dogs

I have an active, young Weimaraner whose parents and grandparents are working, competitive hunting dogs. While my guy is very much a beginner when it comes to field training (and so am I), I’ve learned about some of the important safety tips for training a hunting dog. Please list your own tips or tricks in the comments below. We’d also love to see a picture of your hunting dog! 5 Safety Tips for Hunting Dogs 1. Train with a mentor or club. If you’re brand new to fieldwork, ...


Trust us … these 2017 Jeep® brand concept vehicles are no mirage. This year the Jeep brand arrived in the Utah desert ready to turn heads and tackle trails with a lineup of off-road-ready concept vehicles. The one-of-a-kind 4×4 vehicles, built in partnership with Mopar® using Jeep Performance Parts, were introduced to off-road enthusiasts at the 51st annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari, and set off on a week-long desert adventure on some of the toughest, most challenging trails in the world. ...

Guest Posts – We want em. Plus you get free stuff!

Guest Posts
Hey you, yes that’s right YOU. Send us a story with some pictures. Why? Because we like to hear about other folks adventures with their dogs. The best way to do that?  Guest posts. What’s in it for you besides fame? Gratitude? Good Karma? OK fine; how about a couple of stickers? A tee shirt?  I would say more, but the reality is I need to get my fat backside off my skinny wallet. This is an endeavor of love, not riches. It is a journey of sharing, best shared via the web on a guest ...

Barks & Brews – This is fantastic! Second Chance Center for Animals

Barks & Brews

Barks & Brews, Flagstaff; How cool is this?

What a wonderful way to start a Monday.  Michael Austin sent us a picture and video.  The video simply kicks butt!  Killer song too!  OK, off to the Ipod store to spend more money.  The video will bring a smile to your face! Guess it was for the first ever Bark and Brews in flagstaff? Here is some info on Barks and Brews. Barks & Brews The first annual Barks and Brews beer tasting and dog walk will take place on Saturday, September 1...

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Guest posts
Hey you, yes that’s right YOU.  Send us a story with some pictures.  Why?  Because we like to hear about other folks adventures with their dogs. What’s in it for you besides fame?  Gratitude?  Good Karma?  OK fine; how about a couple of stickers?  I would say they are back ordered, but the reality is I need to get my fat backside off my skinny wallet.  This is an endeavor of love, not riches. We all want to know more about your story! Please provide a good description of you...