Female Bike Seat Selections – Oh the pain.

Female Bike Seat
OK, so, new bikes.  Cool beans.  Growing up the thought of changing a bike seat never, never crossed my mind.  Little older, lots of miles on a road bike, got the spandex and padding built in.  Again, never never crossed my mind to change a seat.  Then I got an exercise bike.  Been through a few decades on that, and a few seats.  Age is a cruel thing.  Little did I know I was soon to get schooled on a quest for a good female bike seat.  Few years back we had bought a new bike for Sha...

Swagman Escapee 2 Bike Platform Review

Swagman Escapee
So, cool.  Bikes.  Trouble is the Jeep is not real user friendly when transporting bikes.  (Sell the truck she said…. Buy a Jeep she said…. It will be fun she said…..) Outside of a truck or van, I am hard pressed to figure a vehicle that is friendly in that regard.  Now the Jeep has been modified.  I know this because I have the receipts to show for it.  There really is no such thing as a stock Jeep is there?  Our modifications included a beefy rear bumper with tire mount and var...

Jeep Upgrade: Adding Storage and Security with Tuffy Products and Rugged Ridge

With darkened windows, the black side bags and black enclosure are invisible, even while following the Jeep on a trail. Many of us enjoy Jeeping lidless—that is to say, leaving the top in the garage and enjoying the open air Wrangler—or we are forced to park for work in a shady part of town with an easily cut soft top. When we’re involved in these activities, we need security for our onboard gear. There are others of us who simply feel more comfortable with a higher scale of security. We have to apologize here, with a chuckle. When we assembled this shot to show you the enclosure’s components, we were under the impression the long trays on each side of the assembly were part of the construction. They’re not! While they may come in handy later on for another project, for this project they are simply part of the packing material to keep the components safe. Once we discovered they were packing and not parts we were too far along to take another assembly shot. Tuffy’s security products can relieve all of your anxieties. Tuffy makes several products, different models ...

RPM Fab Tempe – Custom Work, part 1

Once it was time to get remote, we figured a good plan would be a cargo rack, jack, etc. Contacted RPM Fab Tempe and met a good guy, Don Rycroft. Most fab, speed, 4x4 shops will sell what they sell and move you on down the road. I suspect Don does to some extent as well. But, if you need some additional needs, he is all ears and will lend his experience and expertise to your project. Frankly at this point we could be a rolling RPM Fab Tempe billboard. So what all has RPM Fab Tempe done for...

Garmin GPS with Back Up Camera

Garmin GPS
Sometimes products / upgrades come in spurts.  Guess that will be the next few weeks for us.  Then last part of April we are off!  When we ordered the Jeep, I wanted to stay away from the factory GPS. That is fine for some, but not for us. I knew that the Garmin GPS unit would allow maps via Garmin Express. Also knew that as a major player there would be plenty of support for it. We have loaded Arizona Topo maps via U.S.F.S. and some popular 4x4 trails via Fun Treks.  (Fun Treks is a grea...

Rock Krawler lift – Lets get high.

Rock Krawler
We have been sploring enjoying trails, etc.     Coming up on that time of year where it will be more and more.  Along the way decided to have a mild lift.  Nothing major,  wanted good vs. tall.   Decided to go with Rock Krawler.  Last time we took the trailer out there was sag. Not real bad but enough that I did not care for it.  Part of that is the weight on the rear.  So was thinking Air Bags, might still do that. Put the trailer on a tongue diet, reworked it and have reduced som...

Lund Fender Flares – The agony of Riv Nuts

Lund Fender Flares.
Back on a prior post, I had mentioned a desire for different fenders.  I selected the Lund Fender Flares. With a full width front, it is hard to find options.  So Lund makes one that will line up with a horizontal line in the front above the bumper.  Cool.  Different than all the rest and they looked like they would do the job nicely.  Here is when I was somewhat exited about it all:
Back ordered of course.  Now, 33″ on a 1.5″ level may rub.  Raise the jeep?  Nope, raise the fend...

Dirty Dog Cargo Nets, keep the dogs secure

Dirty Dog Cargo Nets
Lots of folks have lots of ideas on how best to Jeep with Dogs.  We all see dogs riding in the back of trucks, some on tool boxes.  Some look secure, some look scared.  I grew up with working dogs.  They rode in the back of trucks, jumped right in, and figured it was a good plan not to jump out.  We are not here to tell you what is best for you.  We are going to tell you what we elected to do.  For us, the answer was Dirty Dog Cargo Nets. First, some other options for dogs In Jeeps....

Bombshell Diff Covers

Sad doggy
One of the goals for the Jeep was that it be capable. Very.  Now, I am not talking climb vertical rock faces, impress the neighbors, or look cool at the mall.  I am speaking of take it out, where it can go, bring it home in one piece.  I have loaded plenty of cars onto trailers in the desert days.  That kind of sucks.  Somewhere their is information on this site about the skid plates.  What else?  Well, seems to be diff covers are an essential.  We opted for Bombshell Diff Covers. ...