What Jeep lift should I get? Maybe you should not.

What Jeep lift should I get
What Jeep lift should I get? We frequent some online off-road forums.  Lots of time the same question gets asked over and over.  What Jeep lift should I get?  Short answer: You should not get a Jeep lift - yet. Honestly, a lift is pretty low on the list. A stock Jeep is pretty well capable from the factory.  Yea, yea, cookie cutter tires, short with not much ability to get over a ledge.  Hogwash.  But, I understand, you have a new toy and want to spend some money?  First up, some re...

Saguaro Man Arizona, Part three (final)

On the disappointing side, we had received a message and decided it best to leave out early so we missed the big burn and pretty much the whole of Saturday.  As it turns out everything was okay but sometimes, you need to be somewhere else.  "Adulting" is not fun when you are at Saguaro Man Arizona. Politically this is what I will say, people at the Saguaro Man Arizona burn are very accepting.  They seem to open their arms and embrace the moment.  I would anticipate that most consider t...

Payson AZ from the dogs perspective. Hoodlums creek adventure.

Payson AZ
Now I get that I have a better woman and a better dog than I deserve. On good days I get to load them on all and take them out to explore.  Ever wonder what the dog sees on a Jeeping With Dogs adventure?  I always figure it is what I see but lower, closer to the ground and possibly involving more butt sniffing.  The joy of living in Payson AZ is that we are surrounded by tribal land and national forest.  As with everything, that is also the curse of Payson AZ.  About 95% of the land arou...

Time to add an EMTB to the mix

I confess, I like my woman and my dog.  I really, really, like the dog.  (Teasing woman)  Like most I never have enough time to do the things I want.  So when I do have time I like to spend it with my woman and my dog.  Wanted a motorcycle.  Bad choice on the first go around.  Sold it, bought some Sea Doo Sparks to fill the void while I then thought about better motorcycle choices.  Ideally the woman would get a motorcycle and we would ride off on adventures together.  For various re...

Mexican Pickled Carrots, yes we are fans of the good.

Mexican Pickled Carrots
Because it is apparently my goal to learn all things Mexican cooking, and because I really really like pickled carrots, I set about to make some Mexican Pickled Carrots.  They will go well with the Pozole no doubt. The process is stupid simple.  Word of caution – this is pickling, not canning, so keep the Mexican Pickled Carrots in the fridge when you are done.  OK, enough with that.  Onto the good stuff: Get a couple bags of carrots.  For this adventure we used two  two pound b...

I am tired, very very tired.

I am tired
Part of our third rail.  Read at your own risk you may get torked, ehh it happens.  To the more liberal among us, let me help you out.  I am a typical Presidential under vote.  This year I was not.  I understand Trump is not perfect.  Mrs. Clinton was not either.  I voted for Mr. Trump. Why?  Basically I am tired.  I am tired of being called a racist, misogynist, bigot and everything else.  I am tired of having the government shove ideas down my throat by decree and bureaucracy....

First stop – Apache Motorcycle Mesa. That did not go as planned.

Apache Motorcycle Mesa
I have decided to get rid of my current street bike.  Time to admit I was wrong. No shame in that, just not for me. I come from a lifetime of riding dirt bikes. Very accustomed to sitting on a lighter bike, full upright, over the tank. Figured I could adopt to a cruiser / bagger style. Nope. Just not for me. Square peg / round hole.  Not to the point of danger, but never gonna be to the point of “enjoyment.”  Had a Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe.  I know it is a great bike if it is your thing....

Guys Day aka Hoodlum’s adventure day – Shopping, Jeeping, More.

guys day
Like most folks, I complain too much. it was time for a guys day.  Sometimes my job is pretty cool. Like guys day. I got to spend the morning with a dude who has 40+ years in off road racing, NASCAR, and others. Builds some wicked stuff. Not a big household name but a solid dude who I thoroughly enjoyed meeting. Raced against likes of Rod Hall as his passion was off road. He mostly made his name in the custom exhaust world. Weird part is he is getting old. OK, that is not weird. He wants ...

Fitbit Equals Death

Fitbit equals death
Fitbit – the death of middle aged men.  OK, that sounds a bit too dramatic. But seriously; Fitbit equals Death. So a few years back I got into the whole workout thing.  Dropped thirty plus pounds, felt good, looked good, ate well.  OK, that is a lie.  I ate chicken and salad.  Yerp, chicken and salad.  Oh man I got tired of that crap.  Mexican restaurant?  Pollo y ensalada.  French restaurant?  Poulet et salade.  Japanese ? チキンとサラダ.  German?  Hähnchen und Sal...

Blaine Long at LiveWire, AZ

Blaine Long
Wow, long time to make a post on the Jeeping with dogs.  Been busy.  Not enough Jeeping, some stuff around the house.  Managed to see Beth Hart in concert at Live Wire.  That was surprising.  Why?  The opening act.  Blaine Long.

So here is the Face Book Post on Blaine Long Music.

I was introduced to Blaine’s music at a Beth Hart show. If you have never been to a blues show, well, it is a step lower in pretense than say a Jazz Festival, but, just a step. It can be a tough room. You ...

Chrysler 200s, an open letter to Chrysler

Chrysler 200s
Hi Chrysler, I don’t know if I am the first retail customer to hit 100,000 miles on the Chrysler 200s, but I figure I am close? Our buddy Christopher Pope at Chapman Auto Center in Payson set us up.  The car is great.  I rave about it all the time when folks ask.  Pretty well all the options but sun roof and AWD.  I am a road warrior as you might guess, I have a trail of worn out cars in my past, and the seat time to assess cars pretty well. I can knock the new right off of them. ...