I am tired, very very tired.

I am tired
Part of our third rail.  Read at your own risk you may get torked, ehh it happens.  To the more liberal among us, let me help you out.  I am a typical Presidential under vote.  This year I was not.  I understand Trump is not perfect.  Mrs. Clinton was not either.  I voted for Mr. Trump. Why?  Basically I am tired.  I am tired of being called a racist, misogynist, bigot and everything else.  I am tired of having the government shove ideas down my throat by decree and bureaucracy....

Elections, Tears and the Precious Generation

Man oh man, has life been a bit busy of late. Between work and home and well you know all the stuff that can pile up into our lives we haven’t had much time for other things. Although the sister was in town and we did indeed have the opportunity to take a run over to Sedona and look around and take in the beauty. We even did a quick Jeep trail. Schnebly Hill Road. This is a rocky, bumpy road. It is however very pretty. We stopped and took some pictures, had a few laughs, and just enjoyed ea...

Legging War – Who knew it was all about leggings?

legging war
Leggings and tights.  The Legging war continues.  I think we are all reasonably aware that tights are not pants.  But the leggings.  I for the life of me do not understand the problems with leggings.  Or Yoga pants.  I have my ideas of these that are so opposed to these fantastic pant options and I question the validity of the Legging war.  In reality I wore leggings way back in the day.  And actually there were even these things that were thicker than tights but not as thick as leggi...

Few more dead black dudes; just another summer

STOP reading now if you get torked easily. We may disagree.  Won’t bother me if you call me an idiot.   Read our “disclaimer” for our “Third Rail Topics.” Politically I fall right of center.  Pretty well a libertarian.  Lead your life, don’t mess with mine, and we are gonna do just fine.  This summer, again, more riots and more dead black dudes.  Stick with that for a minute.  Don’t diverge and shout black on black.  Happy to discuss black on black, white on white, w...

I have Learned.

I have Learned
This is what I have learned.  When I was growing up I learned that life was not fair.  That didn’t mean that we should play dirty, it just meant that sometimes things didn’t exactly work out for you.  And what is exactly fair anyway?  In your eyes fair may be different that in mine.  Fair enough. I have also learned that no matter what, not everyone would like you, and sometimes that hurt.  It also meant that not everyone would be nice to you.  I learned that there are varying o...

Minimum Wage Debate – Dogs work for cookies.

Minimum Wage
There is a good chance I am going to regret this. This is long. Fun with numbers and the proposed minimum wage increase. The ordeal with the proposed minimum wage hike. $15.00 an hour. Have you all worked out these numbers? Okay first of all the number doesn’t change overnight. Man oh man people are getting a little touchy feely on this subject. So did you know that California’s minimum wage in 2015 was $9.00? And now it is $10.00. Did you get all irrational and throw a fit?