Hi Chrysler,

I don’t know if I am the first retail customer to hit 100,000 miles on the Chrysler 200s, but I figure I am close?

Our buddy Christopher Pope at Chapman Auto Center in Payson set us up.  The car is great.  I rave about it all the time when folks ask.  Pretty well all the options but sun roof and AWD.  I am a road warrior as you might guess, I have a trail of worn out cars in my past, and the seat time to assess cars pretty well. I can knock the new right off of them. The car was put in service 02/03/15.   On 08/03/16 I hit 100,000 miles.  I average about 35 m.p.g. globally with the six cylinder and at just shy of 300 H.P. it has enough gumption to get up and go when it is time to be gone.  Again, the Chrysler 200s is FANTASTIC!

A couple of nits along the way.  I wish the Chrysler 200s had better headlights.  Avoiding elk at 75 MPH on back country roads can be a real adventure; I need all the help I can get.  I have an interest in keeping 700 pounds on stilts out of my leather appointed, climate controlled, safe space.  The ABS works great so the critters and I can all go along our respective ways with nothing more than heart palpitations. Cruise control does not limit downhill speed as well as I would like; the flip side to that is the car “rolls out” / carries great speed, I swear I could coast for a mile or two with no scrub in the Chrysler 200s.   So far Arizona’s finest have been receptive to that excuse.  Just between us; I thought it was poor sportsmanship to hit the lights after I out-cornered him through the canyon.  Ninety-nine problems ya know?

Comfy heated and cooled seats, even a heated steering wheel for the cold days!  The UConnect / Bluetooth / GPS / Stereo integration is seamless and perfect.  No doubt the best in the business.  Tragedy did strike late one night on a dark desert highway in the Chrysler 200s.  Somewhere between John Cougar and Coolio the right rear speaker took a permanent vacation.  That has impaired my ability to play that funky music.

The current tally?  Routine maintenance, two sets of tires, one snake, one road runner (Beep Beep!), two squirrel, three blind mice and exactly 132,542 insects –  SPLAT!  Moment of silence, circle of life, Hakuna Chrysler, and all that stuff; then right back to my pace of 110 feet per second.

Came out of a Dart and a fair number of Rams in my past.  Also have two Jeeps in the household; JKU and Patriot.  I guess we are FCA fans?  Might upgrade from the Chrysler 200s to a 300s on the next adventure just for the 5.7 with RWD.  It would seem excessive for a Scat Pack Charger in Mango, but the 485 HP is tempting.  Maybe the Jeep trifecta?  Decisions decisions.  Guessing around the 170,000 mark, or, in my world, just a couple more months.

So to the folks on the assembly floor, the engineers, heck even the accountants:  Thanks again for the exceptional car.

Some pictures along the way….

Sincerely yours,


P.S.  Do you all do Groupon deals? That would save Mr. Pope and Mr. Hamblen the embarrassment of being subject to a flying omoplata kimura (and other fun words) during the next buy cycle.

Chrysler 200s
Some pictures along the way hitting way too many miles way too quickly.

Chrysler 200s Update:

They sent me a nice letter on the 170 achievement and a 200,000 mile license plate frame.  Not surprising they can’t read that well.  These are the same folks who spent one billion to develop a car, only to kill it two years later. The Chrysler 200s is still a great car.


FCA, I know you own Jeep.  I know it is cash cow.  Don’t kill Chrysler.

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