Argggh,  why does it take so long to deliver a Jeep?

At some point in every process, it is time to get sort of bummed.  Gave the truck to the dealer.  They promptly turned a profit on the sale of the used car.  Everything keeps coming but, well, you know… The Jeep. That is in Phoenix and they expect it should be ready by Thursday.  Sometimes work gets in the way of fun. Don’t know if that will work. Friday more work but small window for delivery. Done deal, all paid for, etc. Just scheduling…..  In the meantime they gave Shana a loaner car.  Camry.  They could have made another sale had they loaned a convertible Camaro.  Guess it is good they did not?  Will be serious bummer if no Jeep till Monday.

FedEx guy was kind enough to stick a new bumper in the garage for me.  Well, that plus a “lift gate charge” of $100.00.  Whatever.  FedEx sucks.

After a longer wait than I thought it finally showed on 09/25/14.   The last 90 miles of delivery were delayed. First things, get topless, then get to the dirt.   Check.   Less than 100 miles and we managed to snag what is still one of my favorite pictures.  A two fer deal via cell phone.  One looking at us, one to the road.  The trip started out under blue skies, then rain shower. Not too far from a gas station canopy.

Less than 100 miles on it so far, time to do stuff.

First up; Rampage Bumper and Engo winch. Easy enough, straight forward. Minor troubles with winch, but easy enough to resolve via Engo.  Shipped a new one.

Shana decided to help, or contemplated being shipped off?  But I thought our adventure was just beginning?



Then it is time to really get going……

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