Lots of folks have lots of ideas on how best to Jeep with Dogs.  We all see dogs riding in the back of trucks, some on tool boxes.  Some look secure, some look scared.  I grew up with working dogs.  They rode in the back of trucks, jumped right in, and figured it was a good plan not to jump out.  We are not here to tell you what is best for you.  We are going to tell you what we elected to do.  For us, the answer was Dirty Dog Cargo Nets.

First, some other options for dogs In Jeeps.  Recognize that a Jeep is a bit different.  Wranglers are often seen with their  tops off.  Great for fresh air, not so good for the spaz dogs.  Jeeps by design are meant to go off road.  That means the dogs might get a bit more jostled.  The concern is that the dog will jump out or even be tossed out while on the trail.

Some people use a dog harness.  They can be picked up at any pet store, and fit around the chest of the beast.  From there it is just attach the dog to the car.  Seat belt adapters, leashed, etc.  Also lots of places to attach a leash.  The one thing we would suggest is avoid using a collar or choker and leash while in a car.  In the event of a crash, the dog may be strangled.  So, if a direct dog attachment is used, consider a harness.  They do a great job of controlling the dog while not exposing them to injury of a collar and a crash.  Pet Buckle makes a slick system.

Now for us, we elected to let the dogs have their own space.  To control them we use Dirty Dog Cargo Nets.  Our JKU is essentially three sections, front seat, middle, and rear cargo area.  That is their domain.  It contains them to a small area, allows them to sit, stand, sleep, etc.  We placed a large dog bed back there.  We have given up on hair back there.  We also carry water and food for them at all times.

The cargo netting we chose is Dirty Dog Cargo Nets.  We tried another brand, but the design did not secure the dogs.  The little brackets would fall off and the nets would come loose.  Dirty Dog comes in a variety of colors, and styles.  Good product.  Might be hard to find anything other than black.  Our yellow was back-ordered for a bit.

Good product.  We give Dirty Dog Cargo Nets two paws up.

As always, pictures.

They old, first system used a hook under the rail that would come undone.  Likely not too much of a problem, but odd to see the dogs head hanging out the side of the Jeep driving down the road.

Out with the old:

Dirty Dog Cargo Net
This is a fine product but does not work well off road if you have dogs.

In with the new.

Dirty Dog Cargo Nets
Fully secure netting of Dirty Dog Cargo Nets

This uses bolts to hold it all in place.  Seems like a much higher quality product overall.

Went ahead and got some Dirty Dog Cargo Nets sun shade as well.  Yellow.  Should give me a sunny disposition?

Dirty Dog Cargo Nets
Sun Shades


Time to stop the yellow.  Too much is well, just too much.

Dirty Dog Cargo Nets
I like the yellow – happy happy, joy joy.



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