I confess, I like my woman and my dog.  I really, really, like the dog.  (Teasing woman)  Like most I never have enough time to do the things I want.  So when I do have time I like to spend it with my woman and my dog.  Wanted a motorcycle.  Bad choice on the first go around.  Sold it, bought some Sea Doo Sparks to fill the void while I then thought about better motorcycle choices.  Ideally the woman would get a motorcycle and we would ride off on adventures together.  For various reasons, all of which I support and understand, that was not going to happen.  Never.  Now, I could buy a motorcycle, and have “me time.”  That is not what I want.  I want adventure and “us time.” That sounds good to me.

So Jeep, teardrop, trails.  Decided to add a couple of Electric Mountain Bikes to the mix.  Commonly called an EMTB.  What is that? An Electric assist bike.  Not a full blown electric motorcycle.  An assist.  There is a lot of discussion about EMTBs on trails, fair discussion particularly if we are discussing full EBikes with throttle, etc.  That type of EMTB is really nothing more than a light weight motorcycle.  I don’t know where that line is drawn, I suspect it will be drawn.  But back to an EMTB.

An  EMTB is basically a pedal only bike.  The electric part only kicks in when it is needed and most max out at about 20 mph on the assist.  So what is the appeal?  I am old.  Good gosh I am old.  I ride the exercise bike, and no doubt that helps, but I don’t rock it like I used to.  I need a hand.  The best way to describe the sensation of an EMTB is like being a kid again.  No effort, no drudgery, just point and go for the fun.

The concept is called “pedelec.”  No “throttle,”  just assist.  A whole bunch of engineering / software wizardry. These are the EMTBs that exhibit the authentic “feel” of a pedal bicycle. Smooth power when it’s most needed such as climbs, gradients, headwinds, and no power when it’s not needed, for example on descents.

Recently Gary Fisher, the guy pretty well credited with Mountain Bikes,  summed it up nicely.

“eMountain biking is just really fun. It takes away the strenuous part, the five-kilometer journey to the mountain, the super-steep climb. These elements are now simply gone, leaving only the fun part.” Gary Fisher.

The full video is here:



Uphill Flow”  I like that.  That is what I want from my EMTB

I have always been a bike rider.  Parts of life I was pretty avid.  Road bikes (10 speed type bikes) were the bomb.  A chance encounter with a Cadillac changed that perspective.  Not hurt bad.  Did require a trip to the hospital.  Some dollars to repair the bike.  But I confess I was a little spooked.  Those white tribute bikes on the side of the road?  Well, I get it.  Give em room.  Got back on the road bike, rode a few more months, dodged a few more idiots.  Parked it.  Then life.  No bike.  Then fat.  No bike.  Dabbled with Mountain bikes, but no real joy at that time.  The idea of an EMTB sounded appealing and it is beyond time to get back to it.  The best part?  The woman CAN ride a bike.  Something we can do together and that pleases me a great deal.

EMTBSo, where does one begin on the EMTB adventure? I began about three or four years ago.  Saw the developments, the designs.  Not quite ready for prime time.  Bulky.  Awkward.  Not fully integrated.  An EMTB “almost” if you will.  In the past few years that has changed.  Pretty close to prime time stuff now.  I suspect EMTBs will continue to develop at an alarming rate for the next few years.  We pulled the trigger on two  Haibike SDURO HardSeven SL models.  Why we chose that EMTB vs. others?

Hang on……..



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