Fair warning.  From time to time we get a wild hair and occasionally get a thought.  It is not all Jeeping and Dogs.  We don’t live in a vacuum.  With that in mind we sometimes say stuff we shouldn’t.  Not so much that we shouldn’t but that may offend some folks.  You know actually have a well thought out opinion on a matter.  It may not reconcile with your well thought out opinion.  That does not mean we can’t be friends, it just means we disagree on that topic.  For example, current hot topics include religion, politics and social justice.  Tomorrow it may be sushi.   Who knows?  Point is that learning from others can be a great thing.  We are not afraid to touch the thrid rail.  We lean to the right or center on most stuff, but lefty’s on the social issues.  That may make us somewhat schizophrenic.  Again; fair warning.  Don’t going getting our knickers in a twist if you think we are wrong.

Now, here is the fun part.  We welcome feedback.  Not the kind that says we are going to hell if we don’t think like you do.  But the kind that makes us stop and reevaluate.  So, if you are an adult, and can possibly see a different perspective, by all means, feel free to read our this and that section.  Most is harmless.  Some is not.  Feel free to comment.  Maybe we can all learn something?


But again, fair warning, please don’t turn into a cry baby.  Nobody likes a cry baby.


Fair warning
Don’t be a cry baby