Fat Dog Friday! There are those dogs that are food aggressive.  Hoodlum is not food aggressive, i.e. you can stick your hand in his food bowl and he will totally eat around it.  He is however food motivated.  Look, if you had a hot dog, preferably with chili, he might push you in front of a truck and then leap to save the dog.  He wouldn’t growl or bite but he would definitely try to come up with a way to distract you.  This is my introduction of Hoodlum and Fat Dog Friday.  He is probably the smartest pooch I have encountered and he and I have long discussions.  So we were sitting down at the kitchen table having some tea and he expressed to me that he truly enjoyed sharing his take on Guys Day.  Which got me to thinking, maybe Hoodlum needs an outlet for all of his dog thoughts?  So without further ado here is Hoodlum the Heeler and Fat Dog Friday…

Fat Dog Friday
Every body gives their dog a voice right? What? Not normal? Hmmm…

Hi friends and welcome to Fat Dog Friday.  My humans are pretty great, not too smart but they are indeed cute.  And they have thumbs which is why I believe they have made it as far up the chain as they have and yet, they make us do the tricks.  It makes no sense.  For example the girl human, she thought it would be adorable to make me sit still while she placed a cookie on my nose.  Then she walks away, turns around, leaves the room and peeks around the corner to see if I am still sitting there with the delectable treat on my nose.  I know I should probably resist this as it is a bit degrading but in all honesty she is too cute when she is excited. She was pretty impressed that I did it on the first try.  Really I should have gone through a few cookies before I “got it”. Hindsight and all that.  So I am sitting there and she is squealing with delight, I wish I had my camera you would have loved her face.  So dude, the man human gets home and she is in a frenzy! “Watch what he can do!”  Look, I am not curing cancer here I am sitting still with a frickin cookie on my nose.  They took a picture and sent it to the doctor guy who always smells so interesting.  Humans, it doesn’t take much to impress them.

What is my point?  Well, it is important to give the humans stimulation and keep them busy otherwise they get into trouble.  So even if it appears that you have to humiliate yourself occasionally remember they are our responsibility and it is a big responsibility at that.  Sometimes they forget they need exercise and will sit in front of the black box.  This is not good for them.  Suki and I try to motivate our humans by barking at the door to the garage to encourage them to load up the Jeep and get outside but we have to remember that these creatures are not as smart as us and sometimes they say things like “no we need to work” or even more lame “It’s raining.”  Rain?  Really? See what I mean?  They clearly need our guidance.

My girl human told you I like food and on occasion have a bit of a “weight issue,” personally I don’t see what the issue is but this always follows with them cutting my portions and limiting my treats, unless I sit still with a cookie on my nose.  She will do that like five times and apparently it “doesn’t count”.  So I leave you with these words, be kind to your humans, play with them, and remember they aren’t quite as evolved as us so give them a break when they say and do incredibly stupid things. Thank you for joining me on my first Fat Dog Friday.  See you next week and remember the key to happiness is… Jeep. Dog. Ball. Repeat.

Hoodlum Out.


Yes, we know, it can be an issue.  So here is some info to keep the dog on the skinny so to speak.


Fat Dog Friday

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