OK, so, new bikes.  Cool beans.  Growing up the thought of changing a bike seat never, never crossed my mind.  Little older, lots of miles on a road bike, got the spandex and padding built in.  Again, never never crossed my mind to change a seat.  Then I got an exercise bike.  Been through a few decades on that, and a few seats.  Age is a cruel thing.  Little did I know I was soon to get schooled on a quest for a good female bike seat.  Few years back we had bought a new bike for Shana.  Changed the seat straight away.  Now, this go around, thought about using the old seat from the old bike.  But, that was not going to work was my guess.  Started researching female bike seat options.

The new bikes are “hard tails.”  Great for what we do.  They are also aluminum.  Everything come through.  Every bump, rumble, etc..  By their nature while on an EMTBs you spend less time standing, more time on the seat.  Naturally I suppose.  But, you do ride them a bit differently than a non EMTB.  So, we took a twofold approach to address the woes of the female bike seat.  First was a suspension seat post.  Settled in on a Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Suspension Seatpost.  There are other options out there, but this seems to be the best.

Female Bike Seat
Cane Creek Thudbuster

What is it?  A seat post that has limited travel.  In this case 1.3”.  Well designed and lots of good reviews out there.  A quality product.  Well built.  The price was off putting till I saw it in person.  Here is some of the sales hoo hah.

  • The Thudbuster ST presents all the benefits of the original Thudbuster LT design in a smaller package. The Thudbuster ST uses a shorter parallel-linkage mechanism to yield the ideal suspension post for:
  • XC riders looking to “take the edge off” with less of a weight penalty
  • The shorter linkage design still provides 1.3 inches of active stiction-free travel. The compression and rebound damping is handled by a single urethane elastomer, which can be changed to fit your size and riding style.

Cool, part one of the female bike seat issue solved.  Onto the seat.  Weird that more manufactures do not recognize the difference between boys and girls.  Some do, some do at a premium, some don’t.  The goal was something that looked promising and designed with a woman in mind.  You know, a female bike seat.  After some research we settled in on the Serfas RX Saddle female bike seat.  The Serfas RX saddle for women is claimed to be  medically tested and proven to reduce cycling-related discomfort and numbness.  There was numbness.  There was discomfort.

Female Bike Seat
Serfas RX Female Bike Seat
  • A groove from tip to tail shifts rider’s weight to inner thighs and buttocks, avoiding contact with the perineum, relieving pelvic discomfort
  • Also, the majority of rider weight is placed on the rear of the saddle, further reducing pressure against the perineal artery
  • Patented dual-density technology uses molded rubber inserts on base for shock absorption and an extra layer of Reactive Gel for added comfort
  • Hard frame provides excellent support and allows for increased ventilation
  • Compared to the men’s RX saddle, the women’s RX saddle design incorporates a wider back to accommodate wider pelvic bones and a slightly shorter nose

Wow, under $100.00, designed for a woman?  Sign me up for this female bike seat. Now, reviews online?  They are all over the place.  I kind of expect that.  Pretty personal stuff.  For us, the issue of the female bike seat has been solved.  So much so, that both bikes now have the cane creek post and Serfas RX Saddles.  The Serfas folks make them for men too.  We have happy bums and happy bits.  Buy one, trust your bum.

One quick note:  one of our reads is EMoutainBike Magazine.  They had a recent article on setting seat height.  Very imformative.

With the massive support from the E-MTB motor, many of us forget to think about our own input. Getting your saddle height spot on is a free way to get more out of your bike and the outcomes are so extraordinarily beneficial that it’s just crazy to think that we might have been getting it wrong for so long. Read the full info here.


Female Bike Seat
Set up the ride height correctly.

Female bike seat



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