STICKERS!!!!!  Free Stickers at that. 

So we have said it before, Jeeping With Dogs is all about fun for us.  We have day jobs.  We don’t sell anything.  We enjoy heading out on adventures with the dogs and chronicling our fun.  There are times when we have more adventures than others…you know pesky work gets in the way.  We decided to give away free stickers.  Why?  Because.  No other reason.

Maybe a sense of community?  Me personally I will be like, oh you want to give me a free sticker?  Yes Please!  Because I am easy like that.

So round one… we have just finished licking envelopes and are sending lots of free stickers out to:

Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Texas, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, Ohio, Canada, Brazil.

And more keep getting added to the list!   How crazy is that?  We are way over here in Arizona and mailing out free stickers to various parts of the world.  Looking forward to seeing how many we can send out.  Keep reaching out to us…this is seriously fun.  Thanks for playing…keep on Jeeping With Dogs, bring those dogs and other critters, along and most importantly keep up the adventures; that is what life is all about!  Well, that and the occasional free stickers.

Remember, we like guest posts as well.  Submit one here.  Sharing is caring and all that, but seriously submit a picture with a few words and blam! Hoodlum gets a cookie! Or a beef biscuit, ice cream, steak – he not picky.  Did you know we are on Facebook as well?   Instagram is a lot of fun for us and has accounted for most of the free stickers so far.

guys day
Can I has Cheese Burger!

Tell us about your Dog (or cat, or pig, or even your raccoon!), your sweet Jeep, your adventure or simply that you are out enjoying the day.  We do all of this for fun and we like to share in your fun too. Submit stories via Hoodlum @

Hoodlum thanks you one and all from the bottom of his treat bowl!


Now, go out and claim your free stickers.

Hoodlum gets a cookie when YOU help spread the word. Share and like please.
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