Oh it is that time of year!  Free gift with purchase at the makeup counters at the mall.  But this is better.  These are totally free t-shirts.  I used to get really excited for these as well, I could barely afford the basics so the few extras were always a treat.  But there is nothing better than getting something for free.  It is like winning a prize. So here comes the announcement, are you ready?

We have Free T-Shirts just for you!!!!  That is right!  We have free T-Shirts and we want to send you one!  Because everyone likes free and everyone (mostly right?) likes T-Shirts!  But there is a catch.  We need you to share a story.  You know sharing is caring.

Share about your Jeeping with dogs adventure, or cats, or llamas, or giraffes (got a platypus?).  Honestly, a llama in a Jeep?  We would pay good money for that adventure.   A story with a few paragraphs is best, try to keep the story relatable to the theme of the website (I am bad at that occasionally), and some photos!  Good golly need some photos.  Why?  Because interaction is fun.  Community is fun.  Because you having fun is fun!

Free T-shirts
Free T-Shirts. Fun too. Free and Fun? Sign us up!



We of course will need your name, shipping address and Free T-Shirt size. Oh and for fun take a look at this you tube video that teaches how to turn any t shirt (Free T-Shirts too) into a T-Shirt for your dog, any size dog!  Now you know what I will be doing later tonight with my Free T-Shirts!

Thanks for stopping by and Hoodlum would like to remind everyone Jeep. Dog. Ball. Repeat.  Best to do it with a free t-shirt

Yea, yea, how do you submit a story?  Here is the official dealio.  Complete with requirements, etc.  We all have em right?

Limited supply, yada yada yada…..

Free T-shirts
No, the “free” is not on the shirt. That would be silly.

Oh yea, the video to cut it up and give it to you dog:




Free T-Shirts from Jeeping With Dogs

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