Sometimes products / upgrades come in spurts.  Guess that will be the next few weeks for us.  Then last part of April we are off!  When we ordered the Jeep, I wanted to stay away from the factory GPS. That is fine for some, but not for us. I knew that the Garmin GPS unit would allow maps via Garmin Express. Also knew that as a major player there would be plenty of support for it. We have loaded Arizona Topo maps via U.S.F.S. and some popular 4×4 trails via Fun Treks.  (Fun Treks is a great product) Just a lot of flexibility with the Garmin GPS unit vs. a factory unit.  The unit  allows for off road mapping, ie: Point to point. Will pick up forest roads, etc. Has a nice “bread crumbs” feature that will let you get back the way you came if need be. Don’t know if the original 2757 is still offered, but confident the replacement would be just as good if not better.

You can also do some fun things.  For grins and giggles we also loaded some other voices on. We currently have the Drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket to “guide us.”  It can be a little disconcerting to hear some dude yell from the GPS “I bet you’re the kind of guy that would **** somebody in the *** and not even have the *** **** common courtesy to give him a reach around.”  He will randomly blurt out “Do you S*** Di***!”  We are, shall we say, more childish with our GPS voice expectations than the average consumer.  Good day when the GPS makes folks blush.  You can find type of fun at Pig Tones.  So much better than a factory unit.

Because we go off road, needed a better mount than “windshield” so Ram Mounts to the rescue. They have a boat load of products for all Garmin GPS units and most everything you can think of.  Holds the unit securely in place even through the toughest of obstacles. Easy to see for both the driver and passenger. Hard wired in via optional accessory cord to do just that. Not a fan of the lighter outlet / cord dealio.

Now, here is the recent upgrade.  After the tire mount, etc there is just no way to see when backing up.  Bear in mind this is the wife’s daily driver.  Well, the town is five miles by three miles, but hey, we gots us a Wal-Mart and a Dairy Queen.  So, wanted a backup camera.  Have seen folks flash their head units, etc, still needs a camera.  Still some costs.  Looked into stand-alone units like on an RV, but space is limited.  So, kept digging.

Enter a Garmin BC 20.  Guess that stands for Back Up Camera?  In any event it is Bluetooth camera feed.  Wire up the camera to the reverse lights, clink into reverse and away we go.  Our old unit was a 2757, new unit is 2798 LMT or some such thing.  As I had all the Ram Mounts for the 2757 we stayed big, but the BC20 and the new BC30 camera options do come for a varitey of devices.  So, for less than you might think, (they have them for $169.00 retail on Garmin) you get updated GPS and back up camera.   Winner flippin winner.

I tend to get the GPS stuff from GPS City.  They have ram mounts, etc and are always very helpful.

So install?  Pictures?  Easy Peasy. 

Like Christmas, but with my own money.  Come to think of it, that is just like Christmas.

Garmin GPS
Nice packaging.

Little weather proof camera.

Garmin GPS
Little camera

Same seven inch screen as before

Garmin GPS
Same size as the old, just now with blue tooth

Ran the camera wires where the third brake light wire goes.

Garmin GPS
Wires wires wires

Tidy it all back up.

Garmin GPS
Tidy, tool box,

Splice into reverse light

Garmin GPS
Fuzzy picture. Wires, trust me

Good golly it works!

Garmin GPS
The moment of truth. Need to adjust lines, etc

They also have a feature to re-position guidance lines.  Well, six videos total for install.  Here is the guidance video. 


Very very pleased.  Slick, integrated and retains all my Garmin GPS features.



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