Sable the German Shepherd was rescued in a Jeep. It was the first car ride she had ever taken in her life. She had been permanently chained to a tree in Detroit for the majority of her life and everyday my dad, a plumber, would see her and sneak in the yard to feed her.

One day my dad knocked on the door and said “I’ll give you $100 if you let me take that dog you have chained up.” The woman took the money and Sable was a free girl. The first thing we did when we got Sable off that chain was give her a greasy piece of KFC chicken. Then we popped the trunk of the old red Jeep Wrangler and Sable girl jumped right in like she’d done it a hundred times before.

She was a natural and already loving her new lease on life! With her head out the window and a smile on her face, Sable’s heart was full. We’ve had her for half of year now, and she still gets just as excited every time we open the door to that red jeep.


Romeo, MI 

JeepingWithDogs Guest Post
Sable the German Shepard on her Freedom Ride!


Good man your dad is!  Really how many people actually do that?!  Sable hopped in the Jeep like she had done always been doing it…kind of like she knew you were her family and she was just waiting for you.  We hope you and Sable have many happy trails with her head out the window (and more KFC! – Paw licking goodness.)

Thanks for Rachel sharing your guest post, she is a beauty and clearly happy…just look at that smile!


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