Like most folks, I complain too much. it was time for a guys day.  Sometimes my job is pretty cool. Like guys day. I got to spend the morning with a dude who has 40+ years in off road racing, NASCAR, and others. Builds some wicked stuff. Not a big household name but a solid dude who I thoroughly enjoyed meeting. Raced against likes of Rod Hall as his passion was off road. He mostly made his name in the custom exhaust world. Weird part is he is getting old. OK, that is not weird.

He wants to hire a kid with some gumption, a good work ethic, and a bit of fire to take it all over. Can’t find anybody. So, if anybody knows a twenty something that can add, subtract, read a tape measure, and has a desire to learn custom fab work, and take over a business, you let me know. Now generally I keep my meetings confidential and never use names. I don’t think he will mind. Some of his wicked shit can be found here. Good start to guys day.

The kicker? I got paid to drive to his beautiful home, (Not pictured, but picturesque overlooking all of the valley like a Victorian cottage. ) shop, man cave, meet a really interesting dude, and heard war stories. Did I mention I got paid to do it? Yea, sometimes the job does not suck.

To add to the fun, I took Hoodlum. He has been needing something of late. So we went for “guys day.” This is the adventure from his point of view:

Dog: This place is cool. He has like 40 acres here and lots of places to sniff.
Me: Yea, nice guy too.
Dog: You should have done something with your life. He was way more intresting than you.
guys day
Start the adventure making new friends.


Dog: Seriously, his shop is bigger than our house.
Me: Yea, it is nice.
Dog: Can I pee over there?
Me: NO.
Dog: He was way more interesting than you.


guys day
Nice shop.
Dog: Why dont we get that? I would like cool in that.
Me: So would I.
Dog: You make me laugh.
Me: We are driving past a shelter on our trip.
Dog: Whatever, maybe I could land a cowboy, race car dude, Nooooooo, I get you.
guys day
Cool old Bronco
Dog: Is this your idea of a “guys day?” I am not going there.
Me: Why not?
Dog: They dont support reproductive rights.
Me: Nope, that is the other one. Besdies, what do you care about “reproductive rights” you have no balls.

guys day
Time to get crafty

Dog: Seriously WTF are we doing for “guys day” in Bed Bath and Beyond?
Me: You like nice things? Soft things? Pillows?
Dog: I buy that on the interwebs. DO NOT let anybody see me.

Guys day
Chick store! Arrrrgggghhhhh!
Dog: Put it back. I am color blind and even I know that shit is Fugly. Put it back.
Me: We are on a mission.
Dog: I will crap faster than you can say clean up on aisle three if you dont put it back.
Me: Hoodlum!
Store: Clean up on Aisle Three.


guys day
Soft, fluffy and not the dog’s choice on guys day

Dog: “Guys day?” Sure. I believe you.
Me: We had stuff to get.
Dog: I have no where to ride now. You suck



guys day
Nothing says guys day like Bed Bath and Beyond


Dog: Shotgun is not too bad. Don’t know why you don’t let me up here more often.
Me: You shed and it is for your safety.
Dog: Let me drive.



Guys day
Who gets to drive?


Dog: Retail therapy!
Me: You have any money?
Dog: I have an allowance.
Me: For what?
Dog: Poop. Shana pays me to pick it up. I just eat it.
Me: No.
Dog: I have money though. When you sleep I steal your change.



Guys day
#ClownsAndPuppets Heaven, I am in Heaven!


Dog: This is like looking for a viable candidate in 2016. Nothing but clowns and puppets.
Clowns and puppets.



Guys day
#NeverTrump #HillaryForJail2016 #WeAreScrewed #ClownsAndPuppets


Dog: Yes, Yes, Yes! That is the one.


guys day
Ball! Must have Ball!


Dog: Stop it already!  No way to treat a bro on guys day!


guys day
I tease because I care….


Dog: Thank you nice man. Sorry about the clean up.


guys day
Where all the money goes.


Dog: Why you stopping for a picture.
Me: It is a thing. Jeeps next to Jeeps.
Dog: Cool dude had Bronco. I would look good in Bronco. I need a cool dude.
Me: Shut up.



Guys day
Jeeps next to jeeps. Always a good time.


Dog: We should stop for food.
Me: Do you have money?
Dog: Been there, done that. Talk to the paw.


guys day
Mickey D’s the official food of guys day.

Dog: Best. Day. Ever.


guys day
Can I has Cheese Burger!

Dog: Nom nom nom

guys day
I love you man!


Dog: Really?
Me: Don’t tell Star Valley Vet. they think Shana over feeds you.


guys day
Star Valley Vet will not be happy….


Guys day
Love the crazy eyes.


Dog: Thanks, I would but I got no thumbs. They went with my testicles? #BallsMatter


guys day
Everybody needs a helping hand.


Me: Look lard ass, diet or buckle up.
Dog: You are sending mixed messages. Besides, I am big boned.
Me: Buckle up.
Dog: You aren’t the boss of me.
Me: Well, kind of I am. Yeah.

guys day
Buckle up!


Dog; I like Soda Pop.
Me: No.
Dog: I like soda pop
Me: No Dog; I like Soda Pop.
Me: No.
Dog: I like soda pop
Me: No
Dog; I like Soda Pop.
Me: No.
Dog: I like soda pop
Me: No
Dog; I like Soda Pop.
Me: No.
Dog: I like soda pop
Me: No

Dog: What does this lever do?
Me. Don’t touch that.


guys day
The lever, like most, does things.


Dog: Lets play with ball. In the creek.


guys day
Always make time for play

Dog: More retail? No wonder you broke.
Me: Don’t make me get a switch.
Dog: Thought that was what we here for?


Guys day
Home Depot is pet friendly.


Dog: That was a good guys day!


guys day
Always a good day with the Hoodlum.

By the way, this was the day where Hoodlum hit the dash.  Ouch.


Guys day.

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