So part one of Hiking with Bikes, that sucked.  Bad.  Really bad.  In case you thought things somehow got better, you would be mistaken.  Hiking with bikes never really got better.

Now we are in the rocky area.  One might think that it will clear up…nope.  And to add to that there are trees blocking the path, steep slopes (both up and down and I swear sometimes at the same time).  So now I have fallen a total of 342 times (12) and I am no longer holding conversations with the man I just give him evil glares.  At one point I pondered, and it could have been out loud, who he thought he had married.  I mean seriously, you should be somewhat athletically matched in my opinion and clearly he is out of my league so what was he thinking?  He is ahead of me on the trail, but as it so happens that was above and over a bit and he said I wonder what the trail is going to do now?  Oh I know, flipping more switchbacks, more hiking with bikes.

We did see a lovely creek!  And we crossed it, carrying our bikes.  Read that again.  CARRYING OUR BIKES….   Now these bad boys while fun are not light.  There was a lot of vegetation, Spring is clearly on its way as the entire area was full of plants, trees, and bushes.  I know from experience because I rode straight through them and I have the cuts and scrapes to prove it.  We came upon a man and a young boy who were out for a hike.  No, not hiking with bikes, just a normal father son hike.  The kid was too adorable with his hiking stick and backpack, he was looking for a good spot to hang his hammock.  I am ashamed of myself because once we parted ways about 3 minutes later I hit a rock, stopped and yelled the F word as loud as I could in my frustration, which likely wasn’t very loud as I was exhausted.  Hiking with bikes will plum tucker you out.


Hiking with bikes
A rest while hiking with bikes


We had gone off path at one point, I know that is shocking, and we were headed once again on the right direction on the loop.  I had taken my bike for a hike up and down rocky slopes, across water, and I assisted it through deep trenches with random tree stumps.  My bruises from my previous trail ride have their own bruises and I am fairly certain that I cannot wear a dress in public for at least six months or people will think Jeff abuses me.  After the hiking with bikes adventure I might just agree with that statement.  We have plans for September and I was hopeful of wearing a dress so I should be all healed up by then.   The end of the loop trail opened up and it was all nice smooth red dirt which was great because that lasted for about 3 yards.  So in the entire 3 mile trail there were 3 good yards.  Yes, hiking with bikes gets lots of exercise, not much riding.

We loaded up the bikes, I crawled into the jeep, bleeding, carefully bending my knee which I apparently smacked and checking out the bruise on top of my bruise on my shin and I was left to ponder my place in this world and why I just took my bike hiking.  The best part of the ride?  I rode around the parking lot a few loops to enjoy my new seat, which is great by the way.

Oh yea, my precious is doing better.

But for the rest?  I can unequivocally state hiking with bikes sucks.

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