On Sunday we went on our third trail ride with the EMTBs.  I am no expert but I am going to go out on a limb and say that this trail, considered “easy” on the hiking scale was not …I repeat NOT a bike trail.  Lots of people hike.  I love hiking and seeing new places and things.   The EMTBs are great because you can go a bit further, a bit faster.  But if I were to choose to hike with sixty pounds, well, obviously I would have a backpack on right?  So on Sunday we did not do a bike trail (do not misread this, another biker could possibly have done this ride, just not me) instead I took my EMTB on a hike.  Yep, I went hiking with bikes.  Now, to get the full experience, this is going to be a two part dealio.  Why?  So that in some small fashion you can experience the drudgery of my day hiking with bikes.

On a fun note we had a fitbit challenge going with Jeff’s sister and I went from a few thousand steps to blowing past my step goal, which still didn’t matter as the sister won the challenge. But back to the terrible, awful, not a bike trail ride hiking with bikes.   Again, I am no expert, but when the first 32 seconds of your ride sucks, you should just call it.  You should say no this seems like it is going to be horrendous so let’s go do something else, anything else.  But please do not make me go hiking with bikes.

hiking with bikes
Hiking with bikes can take you pretty places.

I will never again not have an opinion to the question “where do you want to ride?”  In my defense he mentioned a ride closer to home and I suggested we take the Jeep and start with the bikes at the trail head, that way if the ride sucked we at least get to ride home in the Jeep once we finished.  I don’t know what happened to that trail.  Once it was determined we would take the Jeep we apparently decided to go up to Pine for the ride, err…. hiking with bikes.

When we arrived there were a lot of horses and it appeared folks were packing up.  We started out and like I mentioned it was spectacularly horrible.  So, let us just recap a few things.  I haven’t ridden a bike much since Grammar school, I am uncoordinated, and definitely not anywhere close to what one could consider athletic.  So we start out and there are switchbacks.  Okay the last trail had sand and if you did not get enough momentum the sand would trap you, emit an evil laugh, and make you fall over.  Switchbacks… there is no potential for momentum because just as you get going you have to turn, sharply, then keep doing that up a mountain.  Oh that sounds delightful!  Stupid.  What ever happened to going semi straight?  Everyone knows the quickest way from point A to point B is a friggin straight line.  Okay so switchbacks all the way up the side of a mountain (okay hill) and I fell like 27 times (likely 6) but I kept telling myself it would get better, that once we were done with the switchbacks the trail would open up.  And it did!  To rocks.  Meanwhile, to make it this far in, I resorted to hiking with bikes.  Who am I kidding?  Remember the 32 seconds above.  FML, I started hiking with bikes at 31 seconds.

So yes it is a mountain bike, and if anyone says to me “you can just ride straight over the rocks you don’t have to go around” one more time I will slap them.  (Pay attention Jeffrey….)  When that is all there is I cannot possibly ride over ALL of them at the same time.  So these rocks have powers, they wait and then as you are going by them they slide themselves into position and catch your peddle or the back tire of your bike, it does not matter because the result is the same, you start to slide out a bit and then fall.  Then more hiking with bikes.  I had just gotten a new seat to assist in my undercarriage discomfort and I was really excited to try this out and I had big hopes of not having a sore girly part.  Let me tell you this new seat and seat post seems like it is going to be the ticket, well for me at least.  I am speculating of course from the time I was actually on top of the bike, which really wasn’t that much Sunday.   No undercarriage soreness or sore spots.  So because of this seat I am certain that the universe came together and said; “well we cannot have that” and somehow the universe figured a way for me to get smacked straight dead center on the front side of my hoo.   I have no idea, and to keep me baffling of the how this is even possible I took a dead center hit to my hoo once again.  As I explained to Jeff once we got to a resting spot, in all of my 48 years, my precious has never taken such a pounding, and I drank a lot in my younger years.  But I digress.

Part two of hiking with bikes will be soon……


Jeff’s note:  Here is one of the the longer “rides” of the day.  Shana looking happy, not frustrated at all.  Nope, not even a bit.  She is a real trooper and I am lucky and grateful she is in my world. 




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