I love my Jeff and my dogs and I love taking adventures with them in the Jeep.  But I also enjoy time away with the ladies.  Each year(ish) I try to take a girls vacation.  Sometimes it is just my daughter and I and it may or may not involve her moving to a different region.   A couple of years ago we had planned a trip to Seattle with our friend Christina.  At the time the daughter Jeeper was living in Alaska and had decided to not renew her contract and move back to the lower 48 so we changed up our Seattle trip to get a look at Alaska.  This year the daughter child turned 25 and we decided to finally do our Seattle vacation!

Our trip started with me meeting her in Portland Oregon and taking the train to Seattle where we met up with Christina.  We found a perfectly lovely hotel in the middle of all things Seattle and were able to walk most anywhere we wished to visit.  If you read the prior post of Jeff’s adventure with FitBit let me tell you, you can get both your steps and your stairs here without blinking! If you have been to Seattle then you know there is lots to see, do, and experience.  The food is delicious, the buildings are magnificent, the streets are steep, and I love a good museum of almost any kind.  The music museum was pretty great and I have such a love of Jimi Hendrix so that coupled with the Nirvana display was pretty wonderful.

But what you may or may not know about Seattle, there are homeless everywhere.  Young, old, kind of normal and others with puke all down their front while approaching you and screaming “I’m starving to death!” There is not a street that you can walk down that doesn’t also come with the strong odor of weed, skunk and otherwise.  We found ourselves doing the sniff test and seeing if we could identify the type (though it has been a long while some things don’t change much and the smell of skunk weed is one of them).  Did I mention lots of walking?  So yes there were many opportunities to play name that weed!

Taking pictures of the sights on Vacation.

Seattle has an interesting history and they have an underground city.  We sadly only experienced the Haunted Pub Underground tour.  I would have liked to have done the simple Underground tour as well but we ran out of time. The haunted pub tour included tales of ghosts/spirits/whatnot that remain in the city as it was first built.  A fire took out the city and they rebuilt it on top of what once was.  I would love to tell you that we experienced something supernatural but alas we did not.  Met a couple of pretty great bartenders along the way, an annoying drunk Australian, and we finished up in a really cheesy pub with really horrible booze.  We did however get to exit one of the buildings and see a man peeing in the alley, he was not at all moved or dismayed by our presence. As to the hauntings?  Nah, there just seemed to be dark musty places where a lot of prostitution took place.  So if you are going to Seattle stick to the regular underground tour I hear it has a lot of history and interesting whatnots.  I really really wanted a spooky experience.

And the hipsters.  And here is where I am going to show my age and my upbringing.  To me a hipster should be a 20 something. You know with those great ideals and a way of loving the world that can only happen if you haven’t been slapped in the face with the stinky reality of life.  But nope.  Hipsters can apparently come in all different age brackets.  If I had to sum up this older variety in one word it would be annoying.  Whiney, entitled, rude, and overall just plain ass-alicious.  I am surprised my daughter didn’t tell me to pull down my skirt because my mother was showing.  This may or may not be a millennial thing but I really don’t think so.  I actually enjoy the homeless 20 somethings with a little bit of a punk vibe to this variety of youngster, at least I can have a conversation with the punk kids and not have the urge to throat punch or knee ball them.  I know I know they are so enlightened.

At the space needle in Seattle.

My single favorite part about this part of the world … the dogs.  They are everywhere!  Homeless and otherwise and some, maybe even haunted (okay probably not but cue up the end of the Haunted Mansion Disney ride).  We met a few pups along the way but overall my favorite was Freddie.  He was also visiting Seattle and was of the Labrador variety.  We were walking along and Freddie decided he wanted to walk with us and not his companions.  He stayed right along with us for a couple of blocks then went off on his own way but met up with us again for a brief visit.  We saw his human the following day at the Aquarium but sadly Freddie didn’t get to come along.  Basically dogs are anticipated and they hike around the city carrying their water and poop bags and are mostly friendly with their fellow pups.  We did encounter two that seemed to disagree, likely on the presidential elections coming up, but their humans were reasoning with them and it seemed they would part with the agreement to disagree.

I would like to take the man, pups and Jeep to Oregon and Washington and do a little Jeeping with Dogs as the area is beautiful with lots and lots to see and I imagine the dogs would like the smell of the great Northwest with its lavish green trails and many waterfalls. If you have had the privilege of doing so please share where and what trails you found!  This is beautiful country and I would love to spend some time over there doing what we do.  Today I am thankful for the girl time and the ability to experience a different type of adventure that may not have been nature themed but nonetheless involved a bit of the wild this world has to offer.

We always post a picture or two.  I will have to pull some from my travel companions as my phone/camera took a swim, in a toilet at Multnomah Falls, because I am graceful and always on point with my belongings.

Hipsters, Homeless and Hauntings in Seattle

Almost there! Like the Eiffel Tower, only different.
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