Part of our third rail.  Read at your own risk you may get torked, ehh it happens.  To the more liberal among us, let me help you out.  I am a typical Presidential under vote.  This year I was not.  I understand Trump is not perfect.  Mrs. Clinton was not either.  I voted for Mr. Trump.

Why?  Basically I am tired.  I am tired of being called a racist, misogynist, bigot and everything else.  I am tired of having the government shove ideas down my throat by decree and bureaucracy.  I am tired of watching jobs being exported, foreign workers being imported and labor participation rates at all-time lows. I am tired of news outlets and government blowing sunshine via goal seeking numbers when my own eyes and ears tell me otherwise.  I am tired of being told my guns are evil.  I am tired of an “affordable care act” that causes my premiums to increase from $700.00 to $1,700.00 per month in one year.  I am tired of food stamp uptake at an all-time high.  I am tired of two decades of stagnant wages for most professions.  I am tired of hearing how open borders are good, while watching Europe collapse under the weight of unchecked immigration.   I am tired of selling our children’s future to finance our present.  I am tired of the elite telling me how to lead my life and how stupid I must be if I disagree.  (I have been stupid a long time; a few more decades will not hurt.)  I am tired of an activist Supreme Court; the constitution has served us well.  I suspect it will continue to do so. I am tired

I support all the right and just social causes you do.  Abortion, gay rights, minimum wage, police issues; all of it.  Government has no role in our personal lives and our personal choices. If we mandate a minimum wage, we must periodically adjust it.  No profession, just as no politician, is above the law.  I am just as dumbfounded by the “Patriot Act” as you are.

Both parties have failed us.  Government at all levels has failed us.   Mr. Sanders telegraphed he was not serious when he failed to probe into Mrs. Clinton’s email issue.  How quickly he sold out.  Mrs. Clinton has long blown with the wind and been well above the law.  Not a single Republican could topple Trump.  Clearly our party system and party identities need a rework.

It became very apparent early on that if you supported Trump, or stated any concern over the current course you would be shouted down, “unfriended,” or labeled with the ghastly “intolerant.”  Maybe I am?

None of us know the future.  I suspect that everything will work just as it supposed to.


Relax, breathe deep, the “deplorables” are not as bad as you may think. 




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