This is what I have learned.  When I was growing up I learned that life was not fair.  That didn’t mean that we should play dirty, it just meant that sometimes things didn’t exactly work out for you.  And what is exactly fair anyway?  In your eyes fair may be different that in mine.  Fair enough.

I have also learned that no matter what, not everyone would like you, and sometimes that hurt.  It also meant that not everyone would be nice to you.  I learned that there are varying opinions, on a multitude of topics, and that sometimes we agree to disagree.  I have learned that my beliefs were not necessarily someone else’s beliefs and much like opinions their root was created from somewhere with some experience or another.  I have learned it was not my job nor my place to change other’s or my own opinions, beliefs, actions in order to fit into what the world would deem acceptable.  I have learned that this will create strong people with an understanding of life.

We know you want more, but first our disclaimer.

This is part of our “Third Rail” series.

Fair warning. From time to time we get a wild hair and occasionally get a thought. It is not all Jeeping and Dogs. We don’t live in a vacuum. With that in mind we sometimes say stuff we shouldn’t. Not so much that we shouldn’t but that may offend some folks. You know actually have a well thought out opinion on a matter. It may not reconcile with your well thought out opinion. That does not mean we can’t be friends, it just means we disagree on that topic. To learn more about how we may offend you, simply read our fair warning statement.

But again, fair warning, please don’t turn into a cry baby. Nobody likes a cry baby.

Fair warning
Don’t be a cry baby


Topic continued.

I have learned that I will live my life and you yours and we will differ in our choices, decisions, and what we believe to be the best for ourselves at that moment in time.  We may have regrets, we may change our stance, but for the most part not everyone will agree with your choices, life, beliefs, and so on.  What I have learned is that even with all these differing views we could be neighbors, friends, coworkers.  I could support you, you could support me, or not, and yet we could continue our paths in life without feelings of rejection because someone held a different life philosophy.

Own a gun, don’t own a gun, support abortions or don’t, smoke weed or don’t, give away all your money or buy a second home, stand on a corner and ask for handouts or go to work, in the end it is none of my business.  Go forth, be kind, shake your head when you don’t understand but all in all you do you and I will do me.  I am tired.  Tired of being told what I must think, feel, and support.  I am tired of those that want change complain without actually doing anything.  Being outraged on social media doesn’t promote change.  It promotes whining and throwing around the word tolerance (which I still don’t think many know what this word actually means). The best way to affect change is understanding.  Understanding both sides of an argument, belief, or opinion.  Understanding that one instance is not every instance.  Understanding that there is a reason why people feel, think, and believe what they do.  In our world of political correctness and “tolerance” there is very little understanding and because of that there is very little tolerance.



I have Learned.

I have Learned
I have Learned
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