Jeep Dogs can be a bit of challenge to ride with.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  We know, we have two sizes.  For the most part our solution to safety is Dirty Dog Cargo Nets.  Nice product.   Sometimes we read other stuff. Sometimes it is worth passing on. This is a fun and easy read and made me realize, maybe people don’t know this information?  Jeep Dogs, especially open Jeeps, do require a bit of work.  Maybe yours is not a jumper?  Great.  Seems most Jeep Dogs would chase a bunny.  Fear of crash with your Jeep Dog?  Well, it never goes well.  Honestly the best crash is the one you avoid.  Sometimes people do weird stuff.   It takes all kinds to fill the freeways.

So, found a bit of information that may help keep your Jeep dogs safer.  Also a quick story for you.

We try to keep ours riding in the back with nets. Limited space makes for limited flying around. But, like everybody else, sometimes we don’t. Yes, just that time a guy pulled out in front of me. The loud thump you hear on this is the hoodlum hitting the dash board and falling to the floor board to get wedged down there.



As to the other information on Jeep Dogs?  Here you go:

Here’s what we’ve learned, firsthand, about dogs riding in cars — particularly, the safest way to travel with your dog in a car OR a Jeep. See how we secure our dogs in the backseat of the car or the Jeep — without worrying about them falling out, jumping out, or roaming around too much.

Source: Tips For Dogs Riding In Cars & Jeeps | The Jeep Guide

The Center for Pet Safety has some great information regarding carriers, seats, harness, etc.  Videos with crash test dummy dogs (Right? Who would have guessed?)  can be found in their 2015 report.   They lock down their video embed pretty tight, so you need to go their or Vimeo to see them.  Yes, the big black screen below makes for very poopy content.  Ehh.  Click anyways.  Seriously, who does not like a good crash test dummy?


Keep the Jeep Dogs “buckled up.”


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Jeep dogs need to be secure.
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