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With darkened windows, the black side bags and black enclosure are invisible, even while following the Jeep on a trail.

Many of us enjoy Jeeping lidless—that is to say, leaving the top in the garage and enjoying the open air Wrangler—or we are forced to park for work in a shady part of town with an easily cut soft top. When we’re involved in these activities, we need security for our onboard gear. There are others of us who simply feel more comfortable with a higher scale of security.

We have to apologize here, with a chuckle. When we assembled this shot to show you the enclosure’s components, we were under the impression the long trays on each side of the assembly were part of the construction. They’re not! While they may come in handy later on for another project, for this project they are simply part of the packing material to keep the components safe. Once we discovered they were packing and not parts we were too far along to take another assembly shot.

Tuffy’s security products can relieve all of your anxieties. Tuffy makes several products, different models of which fit nearly all models of Jeep Wranglers and CJs. A random selection—all of which are made of steel—includes glove boxes, under-seat vaults, center consoles, rear security drawers, and security shelves. Check out the entire selection and model applications at

There were several factory attachment points on the Jeep’s floorboards. We drilled out the pop rivets and saved the brackets for use later on.

We couldn’t wait until we had the enclosure assembled; we had to try the fit first. With the enclosure in place, you’ll lose the Jeep’s backseat.

You’ll notice that the factory captured nuts (on both sides) can be used if you wish additional security.

However, we’re just going to show you how to install the TJ/LJ/YJ Security Deck Enclosure (PN 240). This security deck enclosure creates a large (length: 34-15/16 inches; width: 35-3/8 inches; and height: 14-15/16 inches) and lockable storage area that is completely protected on all sides once the vehicle’s rear door is closed and locked. When the tailgate is open the lid easily hinges open (so easily you’ll need to add something to hold it open—bungee cord, etc.). The lid is then secured shut with the tailgate using an innovative latching system. If you have the need to transport larger items, the lid and front panel can be easily removed without tools. The lid is welded steel and can support large and weighty items. There are also two rectangular trays—one on each side above the wheel well—for addition storage and organization. Any items stowed on top of the enclosure must also be securely fastened.

Tuffy’s instructions tell us to remove the tailgate’s latch. We did remove it but never figured out why it was necessary.

These are included anti-rattle strips.

You peel off the paper backing just as you press the strips into place.

The two heavier split rubber pieces slip onto the two side pieces as shown.

Constructed from 16-gauge steel, with heavy-duty fasteners, and finished with a textured black powder coating, the entire Tuffy deck enclosure weighs 90 pounds. All the trays have external drain holes to prevent puddling. The Security Deck Enclosure mounts easily without drilling—it uses existing factory holes and/or captured nuts—and works with a hard or soft top, or no top at all (lidless!). An optional rubber mat (part no. 864) is not included but can be ordered separately. If you have a medium- or small-sized dog or two, they’ll enjoy riding on the lid and they’ll be able to see everything.

Assemble all three vertical pieces with the provided Nylok nuts and bolts, but leave them finger tight until fully assembled and in place.

Once we had the three pieces assembled loosely, Jack Turton (the TJ’s owner) tightened all the bolts with an impact wrench.

As you can see, the enclosure secures a lot of stuff, and it can support more stuff on its lid, which can be raised to reach the stuff in the back.

Now that we have all your large stuff either secure or supported, let’s address the smaller things you might want to take along on your trips. Stuff that you may need during a sudden thunderstorm, or stuff you may need and/or want and/or enjoy while camping, but not things you might need on an easy day trail trip; in other words, things you might need once in a while but not every trip, or the things that you’d like to be able to grab easily but not be in your way.

The two sport bags can be mounted on either side of the Jeep, completely out of the way of all your other stuff.

Here’s some examples of what we carry in our bags: first aid kit, ponchos, MREs, toilet paper, spare gloves, Henry Arms AR7 .22 survival rifle, beef jerky, trail mix, perhaps even a spare set of clothes in case an accident happens.

Rugged Ridge—well known for their very extensive catalog of Jeep products (see —offers what they call a “Sport Bag.” We call it a side bag because it mounts to your factory roll bar along either side. We prefer using two side bags (one on each side) so that each of us keeps our individual items in separate bags. We’ve had these bags—the longer version—on our Rubicon Unlimited for over a year now and we love their convenience and that they don’t take up any floor space.

When it’s mounted on the driver’s side, the sport bag can be mounted at any height, but we prefer it just above the window sill.

These soft-side storage bags feature heavy canvas construction and oversized zippers. Rugged nylon straps keep the bags in place during even the most insane wheeling. Make the most out of your roll bar with a full complement of Rugged Ridge storage bags. This black zippered trail bag fits ‘92-‘95 Jeep Wrangler, ‘97-‘06 Jeep Wrangler, and ‘07-‘16 Jeep Wrangler (JK).

Keep the sport bag low and below the driver’s sight line when mounting it on the passenger’s side.

Hit the trail with confidence now that all your stuff is coming along safely and securely.

Even when you’re running the trails or malls lidless, you can pack a huge amount of stuff under the deck enclosure or in the sport bags. Everything under the enclosure is completely secure if the tailgate is locked; everything in the bags is out of sight.

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