Jeep Wave!  When we bought the Jeep I learned of the magical Jeep Wave.  I was told of the wave and I understood I had taken on responsibility in my purchase.  All Jeepers are in a special club and we should take our obligations seriously.  Someone is stuck, unstick them.  Someone waves, wave back.   It is basically how we keep a civil society.  There are rules and there is a point system. I don’t actually know how that all works, an older Jeep is worth more points and I think the younger Jeeps Jeep Wave first. To keep it simple I wave.  That is right, I just wave, generally with a smile.  We always wave when on our various adventures.

So here is how it goes, you drive down the road and you spot a fellow Jeeper and so you give the classic Jeep Wave, they give you the classic Jeep Wave, and somehow magic has transpired.  Or not.  Because seriously seven out of ten do not wave back at me.  Maybe they were contemplating important things, maybe the sun was in their eyes, I don’t know but somehow I feel shunned from the Jeep club.   This one time, long line of Jeeps, they all waved.  Guy in the back, gave us the bird.  That was rude.  Defiantly don’t be THAT dude.

Jeep Wave
Jeep Wave already – don’t be that person.

Although there was this one time I was driving down the mountain and coming the opposite direction was a group of Jeepers clearly out to have Jeeping fun that beautiful Friday in Arizona.  There must have been fifteen Jeeps and all FIFTEEN gave me the wave (so much waving I was a bit tired after) and I was exhilarated!  So basically what I am saying is you should just give the Jeep Wave. Every time.

Now, we live in an area where there are LOTS of jeeps.  Really, seems to be the ride of choice here.  I get it.  I understand.  Too much waving.  Nonsense.  That is like saying “too many people smiled at me today” or “the world is too friendly.”  There are worse things you know.

Be nice, be kind, do the right thing… Jeep Wave.  Besides if you don’t Jeep Wave everyone assumes you are a Mall Jeep and we will talk about you.  (The kicker?  The meetings are held at the mall – Rats!)

Jeep Dog Ball Repeat.

Jeep Wave already – don’t be that person who does not.


Jeep Wave
This is why Hoodlum does not drive – Can’t do the Jeep Wave. He is sad about that! 

Don’t know how to wave? Here, lets fix that.

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