Exciting news to share as we welcome a new Jeep to the family for more Jeeping!  The daughter child owned a Jeep Patriot while she lived in Alaska.  Pretty bare bones all in all.  She had opted for the block heater and 4WD instead of the automatic package or air conditioner.  One would think that would be a good call, but as it turned out the two years she was in Alaska they had relatively mild winters.  She only needed her block heater a couple of times and 80 degrees in Alaska is pretty warm so she would roll down her windows, which is great except they were crank windows and to get the full cross air breeze she had to plan ahead before leaving to her destination.  Oh and when it got cold the windows would freeze in place so you had a fifty-fifty chance of having to open your door at a drive through.  But I digress.

When she decided to leave Alaska the decision was made to sell her Jeep.  She did not know where she would land next and she hovered for a bit in Arizona which is prime convertible weather and as she is young we all figured it a perfect time to enjoy the convertible years.  As it turns out the convertible VW Beetle has some unknown extraordinary failure that they cannot seem to find/fix.  Her convertible experience has turned into a lesson in the Lemon Law.  It seems VW doesn’t want to make this simple and easy, so the battle is being waged and we are confident she will come out the victor.  In the meantime she saw a Jeep.  A silver Jeep Patriot 75th Anniversary Edition with bells and whistles and (be still her heart) 4 wheel drive.   She did not even realize how much she missed her Jeep (and 4WD) though she often spoke of Wyatt Earp with fondness to anyone who would listen.  Yes, she names her cars – Edgar Allan Noe, Wyatt Earp, Heidi and now we welcome Grizzly Adams.

Not quite a removable top, but a place to see the sunshine just the same.

Her life is not yet settled, don’t get us wrong it isn’t that she isn’t doing well, more that her career choice works on contracts – 2 years here, 3 years there – so until she finds that one place that speaks to her she may just be packing up for the next contract somewhere else.  In addition her hours can be a bit odd and as such she has Cat (previously known as Cleo but she calls her Cat) as cats are a wee bit more tolerable to long hours away than dogs. We are a pretty open minded group so instead of Jeeping with Dogs she will share her Jeeping with Cat escapades.  I would like to tell you that Cat is super stoked to embark on this adventure but the truth is she doesn’t much care for car rides, Jeep or not, so it will be kind of like a hostage situation involving Cat in a Jeep, or maybe just Jeeping with Delainey Oregon style.   The future to see what she discovers this summer in Oregon with Grizzly Adams will be fun and exciting and we hope you share your adventures as well!

Just please don’t try Jeeping with cats.

By the way: The fine folks at Dick Hannah Jeep were fast fair and friendly.  What more can you ask for in a car purchase?

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