Jeeping Visuals
Stairs at Broken Arrow trail, Sedona

As a follow to our trip to Sedona our buddy Steve was kind enough to send us some videos and additional photos.  Recognizing that we are a visual group, and we need Jeeping visuals,  the videos and photos are gleefully presented.  Weird to see the Jeep outside it.  The noise is tire squeal / chirp.  No worries.  Sorry for the crappy cell quality.

Videos are something that we used to do quite a bit with the dune buggy.  We even had a YouTube video channel SandBeetle.  But Jeeping, and Jeeping visuals is not quite as exciting as dune buggy-ing.  It was something that was enjoyable to put together.  I have yet to figure out how to capture the pleasure of Jeeping verses the excitement of Dune Buggy-ing.  Jeeping visuals are tough.  I am confident I can in the near future but for the time being I am still working on that.  We were lucky enough at one point to capture some fun from our trip to Jerome but I really need to figure out a way to capture the fun of Jeeping in a short two or three minute video.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  Till then try this one for size:

That is from the recent Sedona trip.

More Jeeping Visuals and even words here

The only other Jeeping visuals video we have is this one captured mostly by dumb luck.

A day trip to Jerome.

More Jeeping Visuals and even words here.

On the buggy we used a few cameras.  GoPro seems to be the player, but they have stiff competition now.  Course then the edits.  Phew, that is mind numbing.  But honestly, I enjoyed it.

Some of my favorite videos from the buggy days.

Yes, tough to capture that for a Jeep.  Jeeping is a different kind of enjoyment.  Have to figure out how to translate that to video.

Working on it.

#JeepingWithDogs  Jeeping Visuals


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