Now funny thing about Jeepdom.  All them monkeys yammer on about “custom” this and “custom” that.  Like a RZR most this shit ain’t custom.  That is not a bad thing; it really makes for some great options.  But it ain’t custom.  I generally smile and nod my head in agreement.

So, there is a boat load of shit to pick from.  This is a pretty cool unit.  Called a SPod.  Not cheap, but decided early one that given a choice between perfect and cheap, I would opt for perfect.  So what is a SPod? A totally separate wiring from the Jeep harness.  Powers six devices.  So on it goes.

Wiring the easy way.
A SPod, slick little mount, nice and neat. Just the way it should be


Let there be lights.
Cool little switches in your flavor of colors. Stickers are extra, always something no?

Of course while you are under the hood, a thing I rarely do, might as well mount an air compressor.  Tons of options.  The reality is that all of it is likely China crap.  Folks figure out new and exciting ways to market the crap, but yes, still crap.  So I bit the bullet and got a slick mount system that will keep the compressor under the hood, out of harms way.

We call him puff.
Pretty slick setup. Tucks the compressor up against the firewall. On Board air? Viola.

The instructions were essentially written in Arabic with black box photos to guide the way.  Yes, I was just THAT impressed.

So with new switches need something to power with them.    I don’t know what day we are on at this point, but lets call it day 200 – let there be light.

The future is bright
I can see clearly now.


Beep beep
The yellow looks good. Going to run with it a bit. Always like the KC lights. Used to be one of the few options. Funny how things change

Gotta be honest here. A 50″ bar sucks balls.  Whistles and squeals like a stuck pig.  Have worked and worked to fix that.  Will try a few more times, then off with it! Like a nagging woman, life is just too short to put up with  it.  Of course, still have more to do.  Ordered the Jeep without GPS in the head unit.  Not a fan.  That technology is still changing.  So, used a Garmin unit.  Need to figure out a mount for it.

Enter Ram mounts and a stubby dashboard bar.

This looks like a project
Parts parts and more parts. Garmin GPS and Ram mount


No sense in getting lost
That looks nice. Just what the direction God’s ordered up.

Now, like factory best to have that “key on”  no big deal, run to the lighter socket and call it a day….. getting to that socket?

DO NOT have the woman come outside at this point to find “her” Jeep disassembled.

This is where stuff goes that falls into the vents.
Doh! I seriously hope all this goes back together. Crazy how it all comes apart.

Long as you are inside mounting shit, might as well get the CB installed.  Did you know channel 16 is the unofficial off-road channel?  4X4 – get it?

Breaker breaker good buddy.
CB radio, nice and tidy out of the way.


Whip it, whip it good.
Shorty and stubby. Slick little unit with hidden mount.


Good to be topless and dirty
The mount and vanity plate. Shana is lovingly referred to as “snook.” So, yes I have been “snookered.”

Trouble is, the speaker is down by Shana’s feet.  And while remarkable feet, they can’t hear.  Problem solved.

The Noise!
Can you hear me now? $10.00 at Radio Shack can make a world of difference.

Course long about that time, it is time to remove the top for summer.  We did it last year via hand.  That sucked.  They make stuff for that.  Still sucks, just not as bad.

OK, maybe it is bondage gear.
Nope, not bondage gear. A hoist for the top. Dang thing is heavy


The garage is messy.
That is a nice place to keep a top. Well, until you bonk your head.

Time to finish the wires.  Not a big fan of winches.  Who in their right mind runs a 16 ga cable outside the engine compartment with out a fuse?  Who runs a motor without something as a circuit protection?

Found these.  $25.00 minimum order.  Brother was happy as he gets one for his Jeep for FREE.

Bits and more bits
This could be a shocking experience.


Bzzzzz..... Zap!
Nice little mount area on the side of the engine bay. Under the bonnet – how very British of me.

Now, lest you think it is all sitting in the garage, oh no, simply not the case.  We go exploring.

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