This past weekend we did a little volunteering for the American Sand Association at the UTV Rally at Mormon Lake AZ.  Mormon Lake AZ is situated about thirty miles southeast of Flagstaff in Ponderosa Pine country.  Beautiful forest area, lots of places to ride – though we didn’t get the opportunity to do much riding.  We did however get to camp!  We took our teardrop trailer and our two dogs and found us a spot with a bit of shade.

Not much need for the shade as the temps were cool and on Saturday the wind was BLOWING!!!!  The nice thing about camping in a campground, well besides porta-potties, are your temporary camping neighbors.  Mormon Lake AZ has several to choose from.  The lady to the right of us gets the honor of being thought of as hard core as she washes her hair in the morning with ice cold water so she is ready for the day.  She also cooks up chorizo breakfast burritos and Hoodlum was ready to be adopted by them as soon as she offered up some breakfast.  The “kids” next to us were running the taco stand and we enjoyed conversations with them, one in particular, about life, his mom’s dog they rescued from Mexico, and just about any other topic you can think of.  Soft grassy areas for the pooches allowed Hoodlum some pretty good ball time and a shared fire pit scored him some left over hot dogs from the night before.

There are times in life when being around people is best avoided.  Everyone at this show was pretty great.  The vendors, the patrons, the staff for the show, really pretty much everyone.  We worked with some kids at ASA booth that we had not previously met/volunteered with and really enjoyed them too.   Saturday was pretty windy at Mormon Lake AZ but that didn’t stop people from looking at all the goodies.  You could sign up to take a ride in a side by side, you could rent a side by side and take it for a spin or a trail ride, you could be the passenger in the back of a monster truck, you could buy audio equipment for your ride, more audio equipment, buy a really sharp knife, grab a new shirt, look at lights and other equipment, learn about the forest services, give money to keep your dunes open, eat tacos, or bratwurst, pick up a free Monster, and make new friends.

Sleeping in our little teardrop with the four of us is an experience.  Add cold weather to that and you have 65 pounds of love wanting to be right in the middle of you keeping the heat centered on himself and his immediate surroundings which meant a pretty cozy sleep situation. Sitting at a campfire, drinking some coffee with Baileys, watching the world go by, sometimes it is okay not to ride.  Sometimes it is nice just to be … enjoying the tress, the new people, the man and the pooches.

You can do just that at Mormon Lake AZ.

As always, pictures:

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