We recently went on a night run with a Jeep group to Greasy Spoon and Broken Arrow.

I am not sure why we haven’t previously done a night run.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I walk around the house whining “I can’t see” and the man has replaced light fixtures and bulbs throughout the house because apparently I have issues with non-lighted areas.  Anyway, so we met with the group at Burger King and got acquainted.  This was great as one of the ladies informed me of a lavender farm not too far from where we live and well, lavender is amazing!  The place is called Red Rock Lavender.

Anyway so we set out to Greasy Spoon first.  The trail book indicates there is not much to see along the trail and as such our trusted leader started us part way through since well there is not much to see along the way and it was dark.  Basically it was a trail with rocks and creek crossing.  It is suggested to run this one with another trail which is exactly what we did.  We did try and take photos.  I used my handy camera in my phone and saw well nothing.

Night run - it is dark
Yes, it was dark. Very very dark.

We then headed off to run Broken Arrow.  There is a lot to see when running Broken Arrow so I would definitely suggest running this one during the day.  Our day run was a good one and we found along the way twisty trees that reminded me of old fairy tales.  We had a good time with this one on a night run and having extra lights to light the way was good as well.  And these fairy tale trees?  Yeah pretty amazing on a night run and I am sure Hansel and Gretel would have shivered.  They tell me we stopped at Submarine Rock but it was dark, however the people were wonderful and as with most Jeeping groups everyone is friendly and full of smiles.  Next we headed off to Chicken Rock.  We previously did a post about Chicken Rock and though it was dark I felt the presence of Rock Chicken and Rock Bird watching over us.  It doesn’t matter that technically they say there is no Chicken or Bird Rock.  I know the truth.

Next we headed off to The Steps.  Along the way we were asked if we wanted to do the Wedgie.  Okay this was new to us but I have to tell you a wedgie never sounds good.  In this case it is two rock and one takes the Jeep between the two rocks and gets a little sideways.  We passed on getting a wedgie but did watch our friend Mark who is always up for an adventure and he wedgied just about perfectly.  I would show you a picture but yeah stupid dark with stupider camera.  Maybe the man got a hold of a few to share.  On to the steps.  They were exactly the same as last time only in the dark and folks jumped out of their Jeeps to watch the descents. Before we had done these previously I was a little shaky but really once you have done them, easy peasy even in the dark.

Night run, thank you Darrin Blackman for the photo
Coming down Broken Arrow steps at night.
night run carwash
The aftermath at the carwash

It was fun, I am not sure if I enjoyed this run more in the dark or in the light I suppose they both have their highlights.  Illuminating the area in the dark is really pretty neat.  The views in Sedona are always gorgeous so seeing it with limited range was fun and I would definitely be up for another night run.  Ms. Lavender Farm said she liked night runs best and maybe I can see why.  There is no unforgiving sun shining down on you, the runs are seen in a different viewpoint, and the people, as always, are a fun and lively group.  Not much to report on the dogs.  They were along for the ride but apparently they take their 9:00 PM bedtime pretty serious.  However, that is why it is great taking your best travel buddies along, they are happy to go wherever you are.  I am glad for all three of my travelers, it is fun to do something new and well I am always up to see something I haven’t seen before and even if I have trekking off to the wild blue, or sometimes black, yonder is always a great idea.  Jeep on friends and go find an adventure.



Really tough to get a good picture in the dark on a night run.


Night run with lights.
Night run, need some lights: Check.


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