Now I get that I have a better woman and a better dog than I deserve. On good days I get to load them on all and take them out to explore.  Ever wonder what the dog sees on a Jeeping With Dogs adventure?  I always figure it is what I see but lower, closer to the ground and possibly involving more butt sniffing.  The joy of living in Payson AZ is that we are surrounded by tribal land and national forest.  As with everything, that is also the curse of Payson AZ.  About 95% of the land around here can’t be developed.  So that limits opportunities.  But, overall it is a nice place, good climate, just about perfect.  Not too much heat, not too much cold, not too much rain, etc.  Just enough to let you know that the seasons have changed.  The forest to the east and north, desert to the south, and forest and Sedona to the west.   So off to one of the Payson AZ haunts we went.

I have to commend the dog.  He is so patient.  Oh you want me to put a strange thing on and play ball?  OK.  You want me to run around like a drok?  Naturally.  They can be so trusting.  Little bit of love and food and they will do anything.  Hoodlum is kind of fun at the vet or when he needs medical help.  Pull a sticker from his paw and he is sooooo happy.  Jumps around on and all over to show his appreciation for your help.

Payson AZ
Because Jeep at Payson AZ

The video?  Not my best work.  Lots of foot age for just four minutes, and I confess I just kind of tossed up my hands after a bit.  Need to work on the harness, the set ups, and well, figure a story.  We have tried other stories with hoodlum like his Day of Hoodlum.  (It is a fun read.)  So here it is, in all of its glory.


 Hoodlum’s day at the creek, 03/12/17.

Music by Doctor Turtle; Beaconsfield Villas Stomp, Search For The Zero Inside Yourself.


In case you were curious, our “creek” is is just a short drive to the East Verde River just outside of Payson AZ.  About three miles.  Now, a word of warning if you have never been to Arizona or to Payson AZ.  What they call a “river” here is a bit different than say the big rivers of Oregon, or the mid-west.  I suspect at one time they may have been going concerns.  Most are dammed and long ago dry.  The East Verde is really nothing more than an oversized creek at this point.  It has fish and no doubt supports the wildlife but not really a block buster of a river.  Our snip of it is mostly a creek.  Fed by Sycamore Creek just outside of Payson AZ.  All the water flows into the Gila Basin and  would exit Arizona from Yuma.  That seems appropriate because in Arizona needed a suppository, Yuma would be the insertion point.  (Not much of a fan of Yuma, can you tell?) So enough about water and good ol Payson AZ.   Come Payson us a visit?  Get it?  I am a funny dude.

We also went puddle jumping on the way out.  Just because.  Well, “because Jeep.”


Payson AZ



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