Man oh man, has life been a bit busy of late. Between work and home and well you know all the stuff that can pile up into our lives we haven’t had much time for other things. Although the sister was in town and we did indeed have the opportunity to take a run over to Sedona and look around and take in the beauty. We even did a quick Jeep trail. Schnebly Hill Road. This is a rocky, bumpy road. It is however very pretty. We stopped and took some pictures, had a few laughs, and just enjoyed each other’s company. The dogs gave the trail 1 paw up due to all the bouncing they experienced. On the way home a nice gentleman pointed at us to pull over. Something broke. And Jeff had been telling his sister how we had not yet broken anything on the Jeep. I suppose it is all part of the fun AND it was nothing that couldn’t be rigged and get us back on the road until Jeff has time to fix her up.

When we got home we pulled together some dinner and turned on the news. Ahhh, election night was in full force. I am fairly confident that we have never been witness to one quite like this. I suppose it is normal to view the younger generation in a less than flattering light. The Greatest Generation, The Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (AKA The Millennial Generation), and Generation Z, I imagine each one will at times look at the younger and shake their heads. Likely we all have our opinions of each generation, and it may be unfair to lump folks into a definition of their entire generation, but that is what happens.

What I have learned is there seems to be a meeting of the minds between many Baby Boomers and Millennials and it rounds the barn somewhere at Utopia. Nothing is free my friends. Not healthcare, college, speech, this land we call our country. It is all bought and paid for whether through your taxes or the blood of our people. But it isn’t free.

Suck it up butter cup

I respect each vote that was cast, be it for Clinton or for Trump. Let’s face it our choices this go around were limited at best and horrendous at worst. This was not an easy election for any of us. I am however truly disappointed in the actions of our fellow Americans. That a fairly large group of people are fearful for their safety. That they believe that their fellow countrymen would allow us to go backwards and take away what we have determined to be human rights. And the tears! Oh my! Missing school and/or work to cry and get yourselves together for days. I am disappointed. I could almost (almost) forgive this if it were the precious generation eh uh millennials only. But it isn’t. I saw a grown man who stated This Isn’t Fair! The Democratic process? It is only fair, it only stands that the people have spoken when it goes your way?

We all have choices, we all need to use our voices, and choose what we want for the generations to come. Big Government is not a good idea (in my opinion), we have been hurtling towards this for a while, and we, the older generations, need to show these younger ones that we can go forward without the government in each of our homes providing us with our health care, food, and indoctrination into a dependent society. Life is a struggle, it is meant to be, we have accomplishments and we have failures.

We the people… Democracy and the American Dream really are ideals to strive for. They do require hard work. Get involved and make a difference in bettering your life and if enough of us do this we really could become the greatest country once again. But not created on handouts and tissues. The Bill of Rights is a pretty powerful document. Each of those rights are important for a “free” society and one that allows each and every one of us to pursue happiness that doesn’t infringe upon each other. We have become a country based on “tolerance” and politically correct speech. Tolerance only seems to be attributed to individuals and if your opinion or views do not line up, these very enlightened and tolerant folks are intolerant of your intolerance and actually what they are is entitled. I have seen this within my generation (Gen X) and it is infuriating. The act of tolerance does not apply only to you, for this tolerance thing to work you have to actually be tolerant of others’ beliefs even if you do not agree with them. We need to throw politically correct speech in a barrel and light in on fire. This is going to destroy us as a nation, as a world, as a people. In order to have free speech, which is important, we cannot only use words and phrases that never offend. I honestly cannot understand how words have caused a generation to be scared, and not words like Kill the People! Simple words. Sometimes we are uncomfortable and we need to save the outrage over truly outrageous acts, and they are out there. And ending on that note, we all have choices to make, we need to utilize that to create a life we desire, and we can only do that if we stand together.

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