Ahhhhhh self-employment.  You hear all the praise and the accolades for how wonderful it is to be your own boss.  What I will tell you is the truth, and that is my boss is a needy, slave driving woman that requires early mornings, late evenings, holidays, weekends, and in general anytime there is work in that good ol’ in box to get to it and get on it.  BUT on occasion it is truly a glorious thing.  On this particular day the man had an inspection in a far off place that seemed like a great opportunity to throw the dogs in the Jeep and hook up the teardrop and turn a work day into a road trip play weekend!

Road trip
Parts of the state are great! Others, ehhhhhh

We hit the road after the inspection and we had set our sights on some mountainy areas in the eastern parts of Arizona.  We drove through Clifton, which is a fun quirky town with a nice old train station.  The train station has public restrooms and we were the only people there.  The surprise was the restrooms were clean with all things that restrooms need.  Huh, and it is just sitting there all open to the public.  It is rather spectacular to find a place anymore where public doesn’t mean trashed.  But onward ho the road trip we go!

We took a road and that road lead us to New Mexico.  We were not too concerned as we had set our sights on areas at the border regions. But then we were completely in New Mexico with no escape.  Look it happens on road trip.  We are sort of roll with it kind of people and with our own bed being trailered behind us there was nothing stopping us from just enjoying the ride.  In New Mexico we pulled into a campground to plant our wheels for the night.  But wait, I forgot to mention it was raining.  So it was raining and as we pulled into this campground and one thing became apparent, the rain was really accumulating in this area and it was muddy.  (so so muddy) It was you cannot enjoy the outside muddy.  That can be accommodated but the mosquitoes were really enjoying the muddy standing water as well so after a few shoots through the campground to find a less muddy mosquitoey area we traveled further down the road to a stopping spot.  A stopping spot and not necessarily a camping area because to be honest I am not sure this was not somewhat private property.

Heading off of the road we pulled in and leveled our rig the best we could.  At this point the dogs were ready to be OUT!!!  I am not sure what was off to the west of our camping area but the dogs were sure ready to tell us that there was something. (Likely Bigfoot and I missed my opportunity) The teardrop is pretty great if I may say so myself.  Jeff got to cooking as he is our head chef in  this house and we dined next to an open fire.  This is one of the highlights for me.  Just a fire and some food accompanied by three great travel companions, not much else is required.

Have you seen a teardrop?  We always get the same question and it is always about sleeping quarters.  You two fit in there all right?  Our response yep and with two dogs too.  So Suki (the smaller pooch) tends to hunker in near our feet.  Every time.  You can put money on that.  Hoodlum though, he may choose a different spot each go around.  I personally am always thankful when he doesn’t choose to sleep at the head.  This time, he chose right smack in the middle of us and was about as unobtrusive as when your five year old decides to sleep with you.  Something about Hoodlum, he hogs the covers, not Jeff’s, nope never Jeff’s, just mine.  I always end up huddled up missing a blanket so this go around I had packed an extra blanket just for this reason.  So he stole my pillow.  If he weren’t so great at being Hoodlum I might be mad, but he is a pretty great Hoodlum.

Road trip
Cute Church in Clifton

The next morning included breakfast and the dogs saying ‘no really we have neighbors right over there!’  We loaded the pups up, cleaned up the campsite and headed back out on the road.  We travelled through some beautiful area on the road trip and found ourselves back in Arizona via the Alpine area.  Soon enough our road trip led us right to our driveway.  What we didn’t find were the trails that we had hoped to Jeep.  And I do hope we get out to the area we had intended and do some exploring. Nothing better than hitting the road to find yourself off road.

We did however find something else, we saw sights we hadn’t planned nor likely were ever going to plan on seeing.  A quiet weekend with the man, the dogs, and the Jeep never disappoint even if we ended up where we never planned on going.  Sometimes in life the road leads you somewhere else that wasn’t in the plan.  The only truly important thing in this life is to like your fellow travelers because if you have that, no matter what happens, the journey will be pretty amazing.

Road Trip Weekend
Off to far away land for work. Clifton AZ is interesting. Nice train station.
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