Once it was time to get remote, we figured a good plan would be a cargo rack, jack, etc. Contacted RPM Fab Tempe and met a good guy, Don Rycroft. Most fab, speed, 4×4 shops will sell what they sell and move you on down the road. I suspect Don does to some extent as well. But, if you need some additional needs, he is all ears and will lend his experience and expertise to your project. Frankly at this point we could be a rolling RPM Fab Tempe billboard.

So what all has RPM Fab Tempe done for us? Well, lets start with skid plates.  One thing I am not a  fan of is the mall crawlers with 20″ rims and a 3″ lift with no armor.  Pretty well tells me they ain’t going where I am.  So with the fat bottom girl concept and a desire to remain at 33″ tires, time for armor. Don at RPM Fab Tempe recommended some Artec Skid Plates. We have the whole shebang and then some. NOT cheap. But, when the Jeep goes “clunk” there is huge piece of mind that it is doing so on a solid plate rather than the expensive bits.

Here is a picture.

RPM Fab Tempe
Full skid plate via Artec

Prior to tasking it to Don at RPM Fab Tempe, I did some research. Excerpt from an article:

This is a VERY involved install that will require exhaust configurations, trips to the tool store, modifications, Jeep friends, and beer. This is NOT a quick “bolt-up” installation as I thought it would be. Understand that – you may require multiple days to get it done right.

Read the full write up here


So, yes, better to have somebody else do it.   Don at RPM Fab Tempe also suggested an Evap Skid, and Diff Covers.  The diff covers were almost fun.  Here you go.  Poison Spider for both.


RPM Fab Tempe
Artec Skid Plate


Now, all that is cool, and needed, but that is not what brought me into RPM Fab Tempe.

What did?  A rear  bumper.  Don makes a fine rear bumper / tire carrier that works with the existing JKU latch.  Now we are talking. As I can’t leave well enough alone, mine has a basket and rotopax mounts for water, and fuel.

RPM Fab Tempe
The RPM Bumper with Jack Stand

Don kept me informed along the way, even sent pictures of it mocked up on his Jeep / bumper.  Basket for stuff to keep inside clutter free and ready for the doggies.

RPM Fab Tempe
Custom basket for goodies
RPM Fab Tempe
All mocked up to clear a 33″, 34″ or 35″ Adjustable.

Once it was all done, went down to Phoenix and had it all installed. And here it is all done and pretty.

RPM Fab Tempe
Bumper and Basket Done

RPM Fab Tempe

They did some custom work to their typical set up and added Rotopax cans.  Two gallons of water, two gallons of fuel.  That is two more gallons of each than before.  Now, one thing buggies has taught me is that anything with heim joints gets to be pricey quickly.  It is not like the things are knees for old folks, but dang!

RPM Fab Tempe
How it all attaches

In any event, they look pretty and allow for compound movements. So why does that matter?  Easy.  The gate swings with the tire rack.  One hand.  Here is my better half, trying it out.  She was on a hill.  Little heavier than stock, but bees knees not to have a separate latch.  How does it all work?  Let Shana Show you.


To the bumper we added led cubes via Rigid.

RPM Fab Tempe
Good to see at night going back ward or to light the area

The bumper has 1″ recovery points thru welded for strength and uses the factory hitch to maintain the factory tow rating.

Pretty dang  pleased with it and with RPM Fab Tempe!  Time to go get it muddy like the rest of the Jeep.


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