On the disappointing side, we had received a message and decided it best to leave out early so we missed the big burn and pretty much the whole of Saturday.  As it turns out everything was okay but sometimes, you need to be somewhere else.  “Adulting” is not fun when you are at Saguaro Man Arizona.

Politically this is what I will say, people at the Saguaro Man Arizona burn are very accepting.  They seem to open their arms and embrace the moment.  I would anticipate that most consider themselves to be liberal (I have been wrong before and would expect to be wrong again).  They appear to have liberal views while also being self-sufficient.  Me?  I am what I consider a conservative libertarian.  Which means, to me anyway, live and let live with less government interference.  So our ideals seem to be on par.  This is what I felt here.  My reasoning behind bringing up a political aspect?  Especially when this is nowhere near a political subject? If someone thought they may want to experience a burn yet felt these were “not their people” you could be wrong.   Open minds, and embrace. In the end we all want the same basic ideals.  We found them at Saguaro Man Arizona.

Saguaro Man Arizona
Some very creative people at the event. Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

We watched a burn on Friday night, two actually, and there are people who have volunteered to keep the observers back in order to be sure everyone is safe.  I suppose many people are just immersing themselves in watching the structures that were lovingly built as they burn to the ground but I was watching the “guardians” watching the people.  I am always a little taken by those who will put their enjoyment to the side so others can enjoy themselves.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with these volunteers.  A lot of planning and a lot of their time before during and after the event.  I would have liked to have experienced the big burn on Saturday night at Saguaro Man Arizona.  I would have liked to have watched those watching those watching the burn.

Dogs and kids are welcome at the event. We opted not to bring our dogs out.  We have an old girl who I just don’t know if this environment would be good for her, her eyes and ears are starting to fail, and I place myself in position for being one hundred percent responsible for her final years.  Our other guy Hoodlum would have likely gotten a kick out of the event, though I think he may have stayed “on” the entire time which could be exhausting for him.  Kids.  I met some beauties while there and they were absolutely lovely and seemed to really be enjoying themselves.  The event and the people seem conducive to them having a lot of questions, if you are one not to shy away from the honest answers then this may be perfect for you and your kids.  Our kid is thinking she would like to tag along next time, but she is 25 so there is that and she would love to take the belly dancing lesson and the headdress making class!  Lots to see and do at Saguaro Man Arizona.

In closing these burner virgins would like to thank everyone that made the event possible.  Which is everyone.  The entire experience is made up brick by brick- some folks supply more bricks than others, but each person adds something for everyone.


See you next year and burn brightly every day.


Jeff’s note:

For us it was great. My greatest pleasures came from helping folks, walking around picking up moop, pulling stuck folks out, feeding folks, even got to help install some flowers. The nice flower lady gifted us a sticker for the efforts. It now has a place of honor on the tear drop. Sort of a reminder to take the time, work the ten principles, and maybe enjoy the journey just a bit more? Looking forward to next year. We are discussing possible ways to be more involved, hoping to make other’s experience just a bit better.

Saguaro Man Arizona
A friendly flower to remind me what is important.

Weird?  Well, lets just say best to approach with a very VERY VERY open mind.

Also best to get high as fxxk. And then just a little bit higher.  OK, OK, if you insist, just a bit more.

Seriously, I got no problem with weed, but all sorts of shit there at Saguaro Man Arizona.  Acid, LSD, Moly, Ecstasy. Mushrooms.  Not for me, but made for some interesting conversations with folks.  You learn to ask if something has been altered before accepting any “gifts.”  It is also totally cool to say no.  Which is a word I have no problem with.  These folks are as live and let live as you can imagine.  I like that!

The techno music kind of grows on you after a bit.  That is good, cause you cannot escape it.  Quiet time is from 6:00am to 11:00am.  Ponder that.  I go to bed by 9:00 on a daily and not uncommon to get up at 4:30 / 5:00.  These folks don’t even get started until 9:00pm.  To say I am exhausted would be an under statement. There is a rhythm to the place.  At noon, it starts to pick up.  Folks wonder with nothing to do, all day to do it, and pace themselves.  Sharing is a big part of the experience.  Long about dusk the pace picks up  Sharing food, drink, drugs, you name it.  Night falls, and it is the fall of the Roman Empire.  With lights, setting shit on fire, and techno music.  Like the dunes, in the wild wild days, before the law came to town and ruined that party.


Thanks again for a great experience.

Saguaro Man Arizona


Here, have some music just for fun.  With special thanks to Ian Liljeblad for burning this into my noggin late Thursday night: 



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