I remember the day well.  The daughter child was in town and we were taking care of stuff.  Jeff had been out and about doing who knows what, I am sure I thought he was solely working but that was not the case. Our daughter was in the process of a buying a car and they were bringing it up from Tucson because we seriously have the best car dealership around.  So Jeff calls and says we need to head off to see our friends at the dealership, and not knowing what was going on we set out to see.  When we arrived at the dealership we chatted with the folks there because seriously that is the kind of place it is.  No embellishment needed I have stopped off there for no other reason than to chew the fat a bit.  Anyway the Sales Manager says Jeff is right out there, that’s a nice little guy trailer you guys bought.  WHAT???!!! That’s ours?  Todd responded, um, you didn’t know?  You can see it, he is watching my face with concern trying to measure the amount and type of alarm as I am sure he doesn’t want a scene here at the shop.

So, in our relationship we have set up some rules.  In the realm of “toys” this is the main rule for Jeff spending money on them …don’t ask don’t tell.  I don’t ask and he doesn’t tell.  The same is true when he sells them.  I really don’t want to know.  This only works because Jeff doesn’t take us outside of our means.  So here I am not having a clue that we were getting a little guy trailer.  It is one of those teardrop trailers and we can easily take it off-roading with us behind the Jeep.  I have to say it is adorable and that helps a bit too.  We bought ours from Tom’s.

A bit later off we go on the little guy trailer’s shakedown trip.  We go find us some forest and set up camp.  We have never had anything this small so it was kind of fun to get back into the woods where there are limited trailers.  On the way out there we see cows.  Seriously I get way too excited when I see free range cows.  BUT on this particular day there was a bull!  I do not believe I have seen one of those just roaming around.  I think he felt the same as he became a little irritated at us stopping to stare and then the dogs were like hey, hey I see you!  But it actually just sounded more like bark BARK BARK BARK!!!!!!

Along we go continuing in our exploration.  The wildflowers were thick but not as thick as the insects!  Great picture Jeff got and the 42,657 bites were magnificent!  Anyway, so the sun is setting and we have camp all set up and there is a noise.  And then again.  I look at Jeff, it is that, you brought a gun look right?  You will protect me because I am the woman right?  His eyes read mine and he smiles and says it is Elk.  Oh!  Well Elk are great!  I love Elk!  Actually I love all the animals as long as they don’t get too close.  So we bed down in our little guy trailer Jeff, me, small corgi-ish dog and out 65 pounds of love, the Heeler.  The small dog always finds just the right spot sort of up against the feet but in her own space.  Hoodlum generally finds his own space as well it just involves pushing us around a bit until he is comfortable.  This time, in the cramped quarters of the little guy trailer he has decided above our head is a great spot you know, half on and half off of our pillows.  A restful night was had by all.

Jeff is an early riser and he and Hoodum the heeler are already up.  I leash up Suki and we head out my side to have our morning constitution. Now I would like to interject here there are a lot of Elk in this region.  And we did just hear them the night before.  Suki is peeing so I drop my pants and crouch into position as well.  I hear nothing.  I am not particularly great at outdoors so I definitely don’t smell anything.  But when the cold nose of an animal touched me just above my crack well, you can imagine my quickness in pulling up pants, jumping, turning midair to see the intruder and landing on my feet.  It was a pretty incredible and impressive move.  Hoodlum was just saying good morning in his Hoodlum way and my excitement got him excited and he had decided it was time for breakfast or ball or both.  I’d like to tell you no pee hit my leg but I can’t honestly do that.

I give the little guy trailer two thumbs up for accessibility, fun and memory making.

Pictures of course:

We managed to put it all to the test though.  Including the skid plate.   Found some pretty places.  Survived a night with no phone, no computer, no TV.  (The drinks may have helped)

Little guy trailer
A field of flowers – with bugs

DO NOT take your typical RV here.  Rental RVs are OK!

little guy trailer
Nice easy trail at first

Can’t really tell from this picture, but don’t even take your rental RV here.

Little guy trailer
Getting steeper and rocky

Nice drive.  Pretty much us and the elk at this point.  Sporadic tent campers.

Little Guy Trailer


The last place to stop anything over a five wide?  Sorry, no toy-haulers, Aliner’s or Roo’s here.


Little guy trailer
It made it – just barley. Jeep is back two foot from trees, it was close.


Little guy trailer
Tread lightly

The first one to test the bed?  The Suki Bear.  (Hoodlum is much more manly!) She apparently thought it was well past bed time and just jumped on up.

Little guy trailer
Suki the dog in the little guy

The manly dog.  Well, OK, not “manly” maybe more of a spaz?

Little Guy Trailer
Spaz Hoodlum

I expect I will see more of this in my future.  Note to self; roll the window up at the mud puddles.

Little Guy Trailer
Time for a car wash.


Should fit us well once we get a few things reworked.




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