Hey you, yes that’s right YOU.  Send us a story with some pictures.  Why?  Because we like to hear about other folks adventures with their dogs.

What’s in it for you besides fame?  Gratitude?  Good Karma?  OK fine; how about a couple of stickers?  I would say they are back ordered, but the reality is I need to get my fat backside off my skinny wallet.  This is an endeavor of love, not riches.

We all want to know more about your story! Please provide a good description of your story or article. We recommend one to two paragraphs at a minimum, more is better! Also, please ensure your story relates to the theme of the website.  Attach a few photos and away you go.  Keep it reasonably clean, we reserve the right to edit as required, blah blah, blah.

So, how do you engage in this spectacular request?  Simply email them to us.  Email is “Hoodlum    at   Jeeping withDogs.com”  Or use the form below for contacting us.   With luck that will stop some Spam?

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