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This is from the fine folks at They make and sell all sorts of cool stuff for the pup.  We know, because we have some of it.  You know, stuff that is higher quality.  They also support local shelters,etc. The reason we share is that we like their writing style and easy to understand information.   So, enjoy the read.   Maybe learn a thing or two?

Enjoy the read, oh yea, and go buy some stuff if you are so inclined.


When you decide to expand your family by getting a new furry friend, you have to make a choice between buying a dog or adopting one from a shelter. But what decision is right for your family?

 Pet Store Pups

When buying a dog from a pet store you need to know that most of these pups come from puppy mills. Puppy mills owners are not loving, nurturing breeders. They run high volume puppy manufacturing with only one goal in mind, to earn highest possible income with very little expense. Most of these dogs are kept in inhumane conditions, locked in cages all their life and bred twice a year. By buying a puppy mill dog you are supporting their way of business. Remember, without demand for product or service there is no puppy mill business.

Shelter Dogs

Each shelter dog comes with a backstory. Shelters provide background information on some of their dogs, for others they can only guess what they went through based on their behavior.  Unfortunately, a lot of shelter dogs come from neglect and abusive households and at the beginning, they may be terrified of interacting with humans or other dogs. With time they will learn to trust and love you and they will be forever grateful for giving them a second chance in life.

People tend to struggle between adopting a puppy vs. an adult dog. Many of us want to watch the dog grow up and train them as our own. The advantage to adopting an adult dog is that usually, older dogs are past their puppy trouble stage and housetrained, which makes your life a bit easier.

A big challenge when adopting a dog is dedicating plenty of time to your new furry family member. This the time to set your house rules and follow them from day one, making it easier to teach them correct habits and manners at home. Some dogs will fit right in with their family and are easy to train, others need more time and patience to adapt to their new home and family.

Regardless where your dog comes from, bringing this furry creature to your family will have a positive impact on everyone in your household.



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