SNOW!!!!  Okay so I know many people get so very tired of the snow.  And I am right there with you for the most part.  We have maybe 4 snow days a year so it is just enough to enjoy without becoming overwhelmed by it.  We both basically grew up in the desert and lived in the Phoenix area for many years so when we decided to go north we chose a place we felt had just enough snow.  Below is an account of how a snow day goes in our household!

Jeff!  Jeff!  We have whirlies!!!  Um you mean flurries?  Whatever they are whirling around so WE HAVE WHIRLIES!!!!  Jeff can we have a fire??!!!  I will make hot cocoa!  Jeff brings wood, makes fire for woman.  Woman sits enjoys fire with cocoa while Jeff goes and shovels what started as whirlies into inches of white blockage from our driveway and also the neighbor because she is single and a little older and it seems like the right thing to do.  Man good.  Man thoughtful.

Suki is the 15 year old corgi mix with her little short legs.  She decides that it is much fun to go romping in the back yard until… she can no longer romp because she is stuck.  But once she gets her bounce on she is good to go but just don’t leave the backyard as she may require a wee bit of assistance.

Hoodlum the Heeler.  We took him out front and he was mesmerized.  What used to have boundaries has become his entire front yard!  There is no neighbor property, there is no cul-de-sac there is only Hoodlumdom!  Of course he brings his ball.  One should remember to wear gloves when taking Hoodlum in the snow.  Ball throws bounces sinks…Hoodlum puts his nose into it retrieves and politely brings the ball back and drops it …so it sinks.

So, in our area there is no grass.  There is a restriction that we don’t need to get into so basically the best place to take and run the dogs is the school.  They don’t mind they leave the gate open.  So we take the pooches to the school and standing in front of Hoodlum is the perfect white playground!  Suki is always leashed.  Trust me, it is better this way.  She hops through the snow.  Hopping with joy in her face that makes me see her as she was when we first got her.  The joy a dog can bring to almost any given situation amazes me every day.  They don’t seem to mind that it is cold.  They don’t seem to mind that they can’t see their feet.  Let Hoodlum play ball and let Suki run and pee 74 times and the day is a good one.

Now Hoodlum is ready to tromp through and run and play ball!  We use a ball chucker to get some length to the throws.  Hoodlum was the happiest guy, tail wagging (HARD), nose in the snow.  Now he has been accused of being chunky.  Some days much like me he is probably a little thicker than he should be but I have to tell you, there is nothing as beautiful as when he runs with joy and purpose.  He is graceful, fast, and a sight to behold.  You throw the ball and he is racing after it and just as quickly brings it right back to you and off he goes…again and again and again…and again.  He is truly beautiful and joyful and I believe everything I strive to be in life.




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