Little things are always a nice touch. Some of the mods make a big impact, some not so much.  Sometimes it seems like busy work and little things.  For example, ran some wires back to the rear from the sPod.  The rear bumper has recessed lights for rear facing floods.  Independent of the backup lights.  Had an open sPod so ran one back for a lighted whip while I was at it.  Will make for a nice “camp light.”  No pictures on that as it is exciting as paint drying.

Mounted a ammo can for recovery gear.  Figure the gear will get dirty and best to keep it contained.  The dog is none too impressed with losing some of his floor space.


Ammo can in jeep
Storage for the muddy things


Strap, tie downs, etc
Contents of storage can


As I have on on board air, ran a chuck to the front.  This way never have to drag the air line across the fenders.  Powers on from inside cab, so don’t even have to raise the hood.  Left the under-hood connector as a quick connect in the event the bumper mounted one fails for some reason.

Some bits…..

And on Saturday's they have popcorn, where to shop for little things
The folks at ACE hardware are always so helpful


The outcome…..

you know you are lazy when you don't wanna open the hood
Hooked up the air line inside of engine bay
Hope this works - it should right? Little things in action
Placed a chuck on the front bumper.
Don't know about elk though
Well protected from stuff, like random beaver and shit

Then the UPS Man came again. He dropped off some big things, some little things. Tackled a little thing tonight. I like the little mid-week projects. Makes me feel like it is not just sitting. Rigid Industries makes a pretty cool little bracket for the brake lights. Who can resist cool? Wired it up to the reverse lights. Confident it will be bright enough when used. It comes with the world’s smallest light cover. Maybe some states require them? IDK?

Little Things
Cute little light from Rigid
Little things
Worlds smallest light cover. Maybe some states require them? Arizona Rocks



Expensisve Little things!



Little things
It works!


Part of the UPS man feast?  New wheels and tires via Discount Tires.  You know you are getting old and or maybe it has just been a long day when you look at this and think….. “Screw it, will do that later.”  Did manage to get them unwrapped and stacked.  Should count for something no?  Hope they look good.   Always sort of a crap shoot in that regard, get something, expect it to be what you want. sometimes, not so much.  Been lucky so far.  Minor issues in that regard.

Not little things
Discount tires to the rescue


Faux bead locks
I like them!
Little things
More little things!


Then on to nothing too exciting.  Wanted to stop this: (Not mine)

That can’t be good


So I installed an expanded metal grate.  Odd that only the wrangler comes from Jeep without a guard of any type.  Decided on a flat black as the grill is gloss black.  Before:


After soon




That looks nice.


Time now to wait for other stuff.  And bigger projects.

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