When I started this adventure I was pretty confident I did not want to get too over the top.  Things kind of change, but the odd part is to me it is still not too over the top.  So, now that it is time to get remote.  Figure it is time to get serious on the Jeep.  One thing I am not a  fan of is the mall crawlers with 20″ rims and a 3″ lift with no armor.  Pretty well tells me they ain’t going where I am.  So with the fat bottom girl concept and a desire to remain at 33″ tires, time for armor.

This is ordered, and waiting on a full belly pan 1/4″ 6061 Aluminum for skid plates.

Protection when you need it.
Artec Skid plates

That goes on with this, which is the only “custom” part.  Don at RPM Fab in Tempe builds them, mine will have racks and rotopax mounts for two gallons of water, and two of fuel….

Nice unit
Tire carrier via RPM fab in Tempe

Why yes, the extra weight and tongue weight of the trailer will result in new rear springs.  Always something right?  So, back to the 20″ rims.  Laughable to me.  Everybody goes big rims.  Near as I can tell, it is all about sidewall flex and foot print.  So, with the fat bottom girl in mind I am sticking with 33″ tires.  Jeep came with 32″ x 10.5″  The back space on a Jeep rim is retarded at 6.75″  A stock JKU will clear 33″ tires.  Most guys go for a 35″ tire with a 3 or 4″ lift.  Not so much for me.

Time to order these…..

Not quite ready to spring for the real mccoy
To me theese look good. Faux bead locks.

Will run a 33″x12.5X15.  That should get some sidewall flex no?  With a little luck should look like this….

Hmmm, hope this works.
Fenders replaced on white JKU

Back ordered of course.  Now, 33″ on a 1.5″ level may rub.  Raise the jeep?  Nope, raise the fenders!  Should give me 1″ more clearance.  Now it is time for the UPS man to show up!

Our selected fenders


Course, no self-respecting Jeep can leave home without stuff.  Toiletries, first aid, tools, all the crap.

dang, it seems like a lot of stuff
Stuff stuff and more stuff


and it fits….


Who would have thought?
It fits!


The back third of the Jeep is this guy’s domain….


Time for a ride
Hoodlum in the Jeep – happy as always


4 Paw drive
Good boy all ready to go!


Front third mine.  Middle? You should come along for the ride. 

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