It is a Sunday and the sun is out so that is a beautiful excuse to get out of the house, throw the dogs in the back and take the Jeep out for a bit of exploring.  Find some Sunday Meadows so to speak.  Today we went to the Mogollon Rim Road to see what we could see.  I will tell you what we did not see, no cows, no Elk (at least none that were alive – saw one dead just lying on the side of the road), by and large it was a critter free viewing day.  The sky is a sparkling blue and it really is quite pretty up top.  Stopping at one of the many lookout points you can look down onto the towns below which is always interesting to see where you live from above.

We pull off to the side as there is a meadow which is a perfect place to throw the ball for Hoodlum and Suki can sniff and pee, sniff and pee (about 537 times).  A good Sunday meadows place. The wind is a bit bitey but what a gorgeous day.  The trees seem to have suffered through a wet winter as there are a lot lying about that appear to have just snapped in half.  The road is good, it is an easy drive.  On Jeep runs I would put this one at a strolley scenic kind of day.  Lots of folks out though and at times not willing to share the road. Smile and wave maybe they have ribs cooking at home.  No wait!  That’s us!

Without meaning to we find ourselves a cabin!  General Springs Cabin. This is pretty cool as you can actually enter the cabin and take a look around.  I noted it was in great shape, Jeff pointed out it had been rehabilitated in 1989 or whatnot, whatever that is still really a long time ago I mean George Michael was popular and we still thought he liked girls.  The cabin was built in the 1870’s and you can see the well and such used to get water.  This well is nicely located in a meadow area.  Another Sunday meadows.  Where yes once again the Hoodlum can run and chase the ball with all the freedom that his spirit has. There is not much better than watching the joy of your dog running to and fro getting his ball time on.  Unless it is your other dog climbing up rocks and grassy knolls to sniff to her hearts content (and pee) and run off looking for new smells.  This area was great for us and the dogs, lots of things to see, stretch your legs and all that.  There are trails up here that you can take that are supposed to be nice and easy on the elevations as well as very meadowy.  They were utilized once upon a time for the local ranchers to move their cattle.  This is actually an area I would like to come back to where we have the time and walk some of the trails.  Meadowy without abrupt elevation change is a nice way to spend a Sunday.  Always find Sunday meadows

We knew there was a monument for The Battle of Big Dry Wash.  And yep there sure is.  Apparently the Apaches attacked settlers and the military said no you can’t do that and then soldiers died but more Apaches (I think 27) were killed.  There you go a history lesson.  It is known as the Battle of Big Dry Wash.  I don’t think that happened on Sunday meadows kind of day.

We pull over at another area and let me tell you the view is gorgeous.  One of the things I really like about Arizona are the rocks.  On the ground or making up an entire mountain they are just some pretty scenery.  You hear a lot about the red rocks, and yes I am a fan, but any of the rock faces and I am in awe. Today they were light, they were dark, and everything in between.  Definitely a nice place to sit for a few minutes and look down at the rock leading to a further drop to the lands below.

We decided to head on to Knoll Lake. It was a chilly day for the lake but it sure was pretty.  Lots of smells to entertain the dogs and areas to explore.  I am guessing you can bring Kayaks here…we should do that.  I am sure the dogs would love it!  (They have never kayaked before however this is pretty much how I approach all new things).  The Mogollon Rim has lots and lots to explore and we barely scratched the surface with what saw (and smelled) today.

Pictures of the Sunday meadows fun trip.




Just for grins, the Jeep.  Hard to Jeep with Dogs without one.


Sunday meadows
The Jeep in its current state.
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