Jeep Wave: Be nice, be kind, do the right thing.

Jeep Wave
Jeep Wave!  When we bought the Jeep I learned of the magical Jeep Wave.  I was told of the wave and I understood I had taken on responsibility in my purchase.  All Jeepers are in a special club and we should take our obligations seriously.  Someone is stuck, unstick them.  Someone waves, wave back.   It is basically how we keep a civil society.  There are rules and there is a point system. I don’t actually know how that all works, an older Jeep is worth more points and I think the y...

2017 and beyond, Hoodlum and Suki are ready to ring in the New Year.

Hoodlum and Suki are ready to ring in the New Year of 2017.  Not sure what they have planned for the big night but I have no doubt it will be off the hook.  We will likely awake January 1st with random balls strewn about the house and cookies left on the table.  We might even have an odd houseguest we weren’t planning on.  Those two are quite the partiers when you aren’t watching closely. There always seem to be a whirlwind of activity from November to January and I think I am star...

SeaDoo Spark – Enjoy with your partner in crime.

SeaDoo Spark
We booked time for the dogs at the vet/kennel to head out to western Arizona to see about the SeaDoo Spark.  As most things in life there has to be wrench thrown into the system. The night before Hoodlum was acting as if something was wrong, he didn’t seem sick yet something just wasn’t right.  We poked and prodded but he was keeping the ailment to himself.  As the man is heading back into town after an inspection I took the dogs to see their friends at Star Valley Vet for a two night ...

Fat Dog Friday! The voice of Hoodlum has been found.

Fat Dog Friday! There are those dogs that are food aggressive.  Hoodlum is not food aggressive, i.e. you can stick your hand in his food bowl and he will totally eat around it.  He is however food motivated.  Look, if you had a hot dog, preferably with chili, he might push you in front of a truck and then leap to save the dog.  He wouldn’t growl or bite but he would definitely try to come up with a way to distract you.  This is my introduction of Hoodlum and Fat Dog Friday.  He is pro...

First stop – Apache Motorcycle Mesa. That did not go as planned.

Apache Motorcycle Mesa
I have decided to get rid of my current street bike.  Time to admit I was wrong. No shame in that, just not for me. I come from a lifetime of riding dirt bikes. Very accustomed to sitting on a lighter bike, full upright, over the tank. Figured I could adopt to a cruiser / bagger style. Nope. Just not for me. Square peg / round hole.  Not to the point of danger, but never gonna be to the point of “enjoyment.”  Had a Honda CTX 1300 Deluxe.  I know it is a great bike if it is your thing....

Free T-Shirts. Fun too. Free and Fun? Sign us up! –

Oh it is that time of year!  Free gift with purchase at the makeup counters at the mall.  But this is better.  These are totally free t-shirts.  I used to get really excited for these as well, I could barely afford the basics so the few extras were always a treat.  But there is nothing better than getting something for free.  It is like winning a prize. So here comes the announcement, are you ready? We have Free T-Shirts just for you!!!!  That is right!  We have free T-Shirts and w...

Guys Day aka Hoodlum’s adventure day – Shopping, Jeeping, More.

guys day
Like most folks, I complain too much. it was time for a guys day.  Sometimes my job is pretty cool. Like guys day. I got to spend the morning with a dude who has 40+ years in off road racing, NASCAR, and others. Builds some wicked stuff. Not a big household name but a solid dude who I thoroughly enjoyed meeting. Raced against likes of Rod Hall as his passion was off road. He mostly made his name in the custom exhaust world. Weird part is he is getting old. OK, that is not weird. He wants ...

Legging War – Who knew it was all about leggings?

legging war
Leggings and tights.  The Legging war continues.  I think we are all reasonably aware that tights are not pants.  But the leggings.  I for the life of me do not understand the problems with leggings.  Or Yoga pants.  I have my ideas of these that are so opposed to these fantastic pant options and I question the validity of the Legging war.  In reality I wore leggings way back in the day.  And actually there were even these things that were thicker than tights but not as thick as leggi...

Bathroom remodel woes but ultimately Jeep Dog approved.

bathroom remodel
Time for a Bathroom remodel? Our house was built in 1994 and we acquired it about three years ago.  Looking back at the photos you wouldn’t necessarily know it was the same house.  The nice lady tht owned it prior to us kept the walls white and had a penchant for large pieces of furniture.  We have purple walls and tend toward more simple furniture.  Most parts of the home could be brought up to date with some paint and flooring.  The master bathroom however was in dire need of a ba...

Jeep Dogs – Tips For Dogs Riding In Jeeps

Jeep Dogs
Jeep Dogs can be a bit of challenge to ride with.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  We know, we have two sizes.  For the most part our solution to safety is Dirty Dog Cargo Nets.  Nice product.   Sometimes we read other stuff. Sometimes it is worth passing on. This is a fun and easy read and made me realize, maybe people don't know this information?  Jeep Dogs, especially open Jeeps, do require a bit of work.  Maybe yours is not a jumper?  Great.  Seems most Jeep Dogs would chase ...

Jeeping With Dogs, what is it? Who are we?

Jeeping with dogs
If you enjoy Jeeping (or some form of vehicular travel) off the beaten tracks and you enjoy having your dogs along for the ride…Hello!  You are our people!  For a basic run down of what we are and the reason for this page… In case anyone may be wondering, what Jeeping with Dogs is!  Well not actual jeeping with dogs as that is pretty straightforward, being the act of jeeping with dogs.  But this site, well it has become something more for us. We are Jeff and Shana and we live in...