Overland Expo – Suki Dog was in her element.

overland expo
We always enjoy going to the Overland Expo here in Arizona.  There are some pretty cool things to check out and sometimes things you had not known that you needed!  This is how this goes at our house, we open the back door and the Jeep door and the dogs run and jump into the Jeep (okay Hoodlum runs and jumps into the Jeep while Suki runs towards the Jeep in her excitement and jumps up and down until you put her in said Jeep).   This excitement always gets to me, they don’t have a clue w...

Guns Girls and Jeeps

This is not the usual Jeeping with Dogs, however a Jeep was present as well as the dogs so we have dubbed it acceptable content! First a little background.

I inherited a gun.

The gun belonged to my Great Grandfather Harry who I never had the pleasure of meeting but I am the proud owner of his Colt Officers 38.  It ended up in his daughter’s possession because she was stalked back in the 50’s before they called it stalking.  For the record the police back then told her to shoot him and...